Finding and joining LinkedIn Groups suddenly got very confusing with LinkedIn’s latest UI updates.  Why not just put a search function on the Groups page? Arrgghhh.

Luckily there’s a solution.

Here’s how to search, find and join new LinkedIn Groups using the new-look LinkedIn layout (as of March 2018).

How NOT to Find New LinkedIn Groups (well this works but…)

LinkedIn’s product team loves the idea that their suggestion engine can pick the right groups for you to join.

The Discover Groups function works OK if you’re just looking for popular groups in your industry to join, rather than a specific group or type of group.

Step 1:  Click the Groups icon in the Work menu item in the top toolbar

LinkedIn Groups Navigate to Groups New Menu

Step 2:  Click the Discover item at the top

Linkedin Groups Discover New Suggested Groups

This will give you a list of suggested LinkedIn Groups to join.  If you like them, click Ask to Join and you’re golden.

If these Groups are not what you’re looking for, unfortunately you’re toast.  If you’re in sales or marketing and you want to join groups where your target market hangs out, rather than your competitors, then LinkedIn’s Group Discovery process is woeful.  It doesn’t work because it isn’t a user-controlled search.  Baaaah!

The Best Way to Search & Find New LinkedIn Groups (yeehaww!)

Step 1:  Go to the top Search bar and type in your search term

LinkedIn Groups - Search & Find New Groups

Here we typed in “insurance”.  Click Enter and See All Results.

Step 2:  From the results screen, select “Groups” in the dropdown

This gives you a list of properly filtered LinkedIn Groups to join.

LinkedIn Groups - Insurance List

Step 3:  Open the LinkedIn Groups you want and join ’em

Pop open each Group in separate tabs (in Chrome right click > Open link in new tab), then click “Ask to Join” to join the Groups you actually want.

LinkedIn Group - Ask to Join

We hope this saves you from pulling out your hair trying to find the right LinkedIn Groups.

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