Marketing Funnels

Marketing Funnels -

Marketing funnels are critically important to attract new leads, collect contact information, engage and indoctrinate prospects, and help convert them into paying customers.

We are experts at designing, implementing and optimizing digital marketing funnels that capture new leads and grow your customers.

Funnels We Implement

Every business has unique offerings, customers, value points and marketing stacks. There is no such thing as an off-the-shelf “funnel” that does a good job of attracting, engaging, nurturing and converting leads for every business. Each of our marketing funnels is custom tailored for your unique business needs.

Content Marketing Funnels -

Content Marketing Funnels

Our Content Marketing Funnels engage and nurture your ideal prospects using high-quality long form content.  We create, publish and promote this content on major B2B media platforms such as LinkedIn, SlideShare, Medium and industry-specific business websites.  Content Funnels are ideal for attracting new consulting clients and technology buyers.  The content “leads with value”, educates prospects, and naturally converts them into warm sales leads.  Visit our Content Marketing Funnels page to learn more >

Email Funnels

Email List Funnels -

Our Email Funnels rapidly grow your email list. We use powerful lead magnets, seamless opt-in tools and high-converting landing page designs to drive email list growth.  We can also help write your email campaign, using well-written subject lines and email content that engages and ascends your list members into paying customers. Visit our Email Funnels page to learn more >

Webinar Funnels -

Webinar Funnels

Webinar Funnels are ideal for selling complex technology, consulting and education offers. We build your Webinar Funnel using the latest webinar technology with a high-converting registration page.  A pre-webinar email campaign is implemented to encourage registrants to attend.  In-webinar surveys, offers and post-webinar email campaigns are used to convert attendees into paying customers. Visit our Webinar Funnels page to learn more >

Discovery Call Funnels -

Call Funnels

We create Call Funnels that lead prospects to schedule a discovery call or free consultation with your sales team.  Phone conversations are essential for high-ticket offers to complete the “last mile” and close sales with interested prospects.  A Call Funnel can significantly increase the flow of high-value customers into your business. 

LinkedIn Funnels -

LinkedIn Funnels

Our LinkedIn Funnels engage your network and drive new business by publishing and sharing high-quality LinkedIn Articles.  We build your network with ideal target prospects.  Then we create, publish and direct message your LinkedIn Articles directly to those ideal prospects.  This approach “leads with value”, demonstrates your knowledge and expertise, exposes your brand and value proposition to thousands of potential buyers, and naturally engages them to become customers.  

Social Referral Funnels -

Referral Funnels

A Referral Funnel is designed to incentivize sharing of your offer through a rewards-based referral system. This type of funnel uses an automated system to track and reward social, email or verbal sharing with free products, contest entries, financial bonuses, or other incentives.

Survey Funnels -

Survey Funnels

Survey Funnels are ideal for collecting detailed market intelligence from your customers and prospects. You can use information gathered in surveys to segment your list, make personalized upsell and cross-sell offers and develop new product / service offerings. Survey Funnels are very effective at increasing engagement and building your prospect list.

Upsell Funnels -

Upsell / Cross-Sell Funnels

Upsell / Cross-Sell Funnels drive up your customer value by linking together a sequence of related offers.  This allows you to quickly progress new opt-in leads and low-ticket buyers into larger sales.  The result is an automated chain of ascending offers and sales that substantially increases your cash flow and ROI.  

7 Marketing Funnel Components

A digital marketing funnel is comprised of 7 components that drive traffic and “funnel” it down to deliver quality leads to your business. While each client project is different, we address each component separately and in unison to deliver maximum performance from your funnel.

  • Traffic Source(s) – ads, content, social
  • Custom Landing Page(s) – software, design, copywriting
  • Call To Action (CTA)
  • Lead Capture – email, text, survey, referral
  • Integration – calendar, email, webinar, CRM
  • A/B Testing – conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Performance – tracking, analytics, reporting

Optimizing each of these 7 components ensures that your funnel performs at the highest level and generates the greatest ROI.

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