Niche Websites For Sale

We build and sell ready-made niche websites that are 100% unique, white hat and already ranking on Google. Our sites are created from scratch on clean domains, with well-researched keywords and custom content no other website has. We’ve been building and running our own portfolio of niche sites for 15+ years. If you would like to learn more about our approach to niche websites click here.

Stage 1 Websites

These are Startup / Pre-Money sites built on clean domains with 30+ articles, coming out of the “Google sandbox”, and generating organic impressions and clicks. Learn about our stages >

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Stage 2 Websites

These are Rank & Grow sites with 50+ articles indexing quickly and moving up the rankings, generating rapidly increasing traffic. They are monetized with ads and/or affiliate offers but are not making substantial revenue yet. We create an active Twitter account to share the posts, and invest in 30 niche directories to build foundational links.. Learn about our stages >

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Stage 3 Websites

These are “aged sites” between 9-18 months old with 100+ articles that rank well on search engines, have significant traffic and are monetized with ads and/or affiliate offers. These sites generate solid, growing monthly revenue. We create an email list with active subscribers, an opt-in form with a freebie, and automated email newsletter with informational and sales emails. Learn about our stages >

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Our Niche Website Stages

Each of our websites falls into 1 of 3 stages of growth. Our approach is to build sites over time in a systematic way, resulting in a high probabilty of success. As the site grows it rises in traffic and income, and we adjust the sales price appropriately. Here’s what you get in each website stage:

Stage 1: Startup, Pre-Money

These are pre-money startup sites, generally between 1-3 months old. The 3 month mark is when we expect a new site to be indexed by Google and other search engines and start growing out of the “sandbox” period. The website will have impressions in Google search results for multiple keywords, indicating it is healthy and poised for growth. In Stage 1 we build the following core elements of the site:

  • Domain
  • Hosting (shared)
  • SSL
  • WordPress theme and plugins (security, backup, etc.)
  • XML sitemap
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console integrations
  • Logo & icon
  • Site layout
  • Categories
  • Menus
  • Footer, header, sidebar
  • Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, About, Contact pages
  • User accounts
  • Support email
  • 30 long-tail articles with images / videos / FAQs

Stage 2: Rank & Grow

These sites are in the 3-9 month “rank and grow” phase. The existing pages are ranking well on Google and generating organic search traffic. New articles are indexed and the number of keywords the site ranks for is increasing. Stage 2 sites are monetized with ads and/or affiliate offers but are generally not making substantial revenue yet. We create an active Twitter account to share the posts, and invest in 30 niche directories to build foundational links. In Stage 2 we add the following elements to the site:

  • 20 additional articles (10 informational + 10 commercial) for a total of 50 articles
  • Internal linking between articles (creates topic clusters to build site authority)
  • External links out to high-authority resources
  • Monetization: affiliate (Amazon, etc.) and/or ads (Google AdSense, Ezoic)
  • Twitter account, follows, posts
  • 30 niche directory link submissions

Stage 3: Aged & Monetized

These are “aged sites” 9-18 months old that rank well on search engines, have significant traffic and are monetized and generating good revenue. They usually have an email list with subscribers, an opt-in form with a freebie and automated email content. The email list is usually monetized with affiliate offers. In Stage 3 we add the following elements to the site:

  • 50 additional articles (30 informational + 20 commercial) for a total of 100 articles
  • Freebie + popup email opt-in form
  • Automated email account
  • Newsletter with 30 emails and commercial offers (affiliate or digital product)
  • Advertise With Us page
  • Direct Advertising offers and ad slots (replaces CPM ads with higher-priced ad deals)

Benefits of Buying a Pre-Built Website

Buying a well-built site with proven impressions, visitors and/or revenues eliminates the most of your startup risks, and saves you months (or years) of unnecessary work and cost.

By purchasing one of our live pre-built webites, you:

  • Skip the Google “sandbox” period – start with organic impressions and traffic from day 1
  • Eliminate significant startup risks like poor keyword selection, publishing content that search engines don’t index, underestimating the competition, or bulding on a domain with a hidden Google penalty
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel (trial-and-error that wastes time and money – start with what already works!)

How We Price Our Websites

We price our websites based on the startup investment, niche, age, traffic, revenues and risks eliminated.

Mature (3+ years old) affiliate and informational websites typically sell between 30-50X average monthly earnings. The average earnings are calculated over a 6 or 12 month period. This is a normal range for established successful sites with predictable revenues. You are essentially buying the future income stream of the website.

New websites are priced differently. The value of new niche websites leans heavily toward pure startup costs, then gradually shifts to the value of the ongoing income stream as revenue materializes and grows. Our pricing approach depends on the stage of growth the site is in:

  • Stage 1 sites (0-3 months, pre-money): The price reflects our intial startup investment, plus the value of the domain, foundation links and social account(s), the risk reduction from exiting the Google “sandbox” with healthy organic impressions and some traffic, plus potential long term revenue from the existing site content.
  • Stage 2 sites (3-9 months, growing fast, early monetization): The price reflects Stage 1 factors, plus new content published, plus any organic backlinks earned, plus the future value of monthly revenues the site has.
  • Stage 3 sites (9-18 months, aged, growing & consistently revenue-generating): The price reflects Stage 1 and 2 factors, plus the additional income stream, organic backlinks earned, email list and funnel assets.

A lot of work (and money) is invested in the first 3 months of a new website. This includes buying and transfering the domain, setting up hosting, WordPress theme and plugins setup, site design, logo, menus, email account, content strategy, extensive keyword research, writing and editing articles, images/videos, internal linking, building foundational backlinks on directories and social media, etc.

In the next 3-9 months, the site begins to get real traffic and clicks. New websites need 3-6 months to get indexed and ranked by search engines, so the traffic and revenue is delayed (like most startup businesses). Onc traffic is coming in and we monetize the site it begins to generate some revenue. We continue investing in new content during this period as well. The of the site still leans heavily toward investment cost, with a bit of future income value.

From 9-18 months, the site matures considerably and traffic from search engines, social media and direct visitors increases substantially. Income from ads and affiliate commissions increases substantially and becomes more stable. The prior investments in content and backlinks now yield monthly cash flow. The site will accumulate a substantial amount of organic backlinks, gaining niche authority and referral traffic. We continue investing in content, but the value of the site shifts toward the future cash flow stream, and less on investment costs.

Our approach reflects the natural delay organic websites experience between initial content investment and revenue. This is similar to investing in a startup with predictable (but delayed) future cash flows. The price is lower in early stages until traffic and revenue materializes, then it continues to rise as the site grows and matures. There high upside growth potential in all of our sites by simply continuing the plan in place already. Another analogy is building a house so you can rent it out to tenants — the land (domain) and house (website and content) are cash investments with substantial value that begin to generate a stream of future income after the house is built and rented.


How Do Your Websites Compare to Sites on Flippa, Facebook Groups, Ebay, Fiverr, etc.?

First, we build our own websites so they are 100% unique, white hat and designed to rank well on Google and other search engines. We do keyword research separately for each site, and write and edit the articles ourselves. Good keyword research, unique content and solid quality are essential to rank a niche website. If you do any of these 3 things wrong, your site will likely fail.

Online marketplaces and groups are full of copycat “starter” websites with duplicate or spun content that will never rank well. Google and other search engines won’t send these sites traffic due to “duplicate content”. If you buy a copycat site you will need to completely rewrite all the content to get good organic traffic growth. Many unsuspecting buyers don’t know this and end up buying a site that never grows.

Second, we follow a proven step-by-step process on every site we sell. We research long-tail keywords we know the site will rank for, develop a content strategy and write quality content that matches search intent, implement a fast WordPress theme and plugins, build foundational backlinks, etc. — all elements Google is looking for. We systematically implement the things that work on our own successful sites, and we don’t skip anything or cut corners.

Third, we don’t build or buy ANY backlinks to other websites beyond basic social media and foundational directory links. We don’t add PBN links, guest post links, niche link insertions, or any other non-organic links. This ensures you get a site with a clean link profile and no hidden Google penalties. In the first 12 months Google doesn’t expect to see a lot of backlinks — content quality and uniqueness is much more important to rank new sites. Building backlinks would add substantial risk of Google penalties in the first year, and our prices would have to be much higher because paid links are expensive. (NOTE: Before we build a site on a domain, we thoroughly research the history and backlinks to the domain to ensure the link profile (if any) is healthy and the domain has not been a gambling, porn or PBN site in the past).

How Do Your Websites Compare to Sites Sold By Brokers?

We’re not a website broker. We build our own sites and deliver a 100% clean, unique product. When you buy through a broker you’re getting a site somebody else built and managed, which makes it more complex to operate and can come with lots of baggage to solve.

Brokers typically charge a fee of 10-20% of the sales price, which substantially adds to the cost. They also drive up demand by offering the same site to multiple buyers in a short time period, which typically results in a higher price. Brokers will often keep the website identity hidden until you provide proof of funds or a large cash deposit before they will share key information about the site.

In comparison, our websites tend to be newer, and we sell at lower prices than brokers typically handle. Buying a website from us is simple and 100% transparent. We list our sites publicly so you can visit them. We tell you exactly what comes with the site. After a verification step, we can grant you access to the Google Analytics and Google Search Console data so you can evaluate the traffic and keywords yourself. If the site is earning revenues we provide those reports.

Do You Provide Advice On Growing the Website After the Sale?

Yes, we include a step-by-step growth plan to follow if you want. This includes a checklist of steps and strategies to grow your site further after the sale. If we researched additional keywords or written draft articles that are not on the site, we will provide you with those as well. We faciliate the domain and hosting transfer. Rest assured, we will work with you to ensure your post-purchase experience is a good one.

Is Hosting Included In the Sale?

Yes, we include 30 days of web hosting on the current Namecheap hosting account with the sale. This gives you time to get your own hosting account (if you don’t already have one). We suggest continuing with Namecheap hosting because it’s simple to migrate and their hosting packages are cheap, reliable, and Namecheap has great customer support.

Who Writes the Content On Your Niche Websites?

We research, write and edit the content ourselves or outsource it to preferred writing partners. Some of the article drafts, headings, etc. are created using a professional AI writing and content optimization tool — we manually edit these articles to ensure they have unique quality content and a good reader experience for SEO.

What Monetization Methods Do You Use?

Our niche websites are generally monetized with ads on informational articles (70-80%) and afiliate offers on commercial articles (20-30%). Informational articles are monetized with ads (Google AdSense, Ezoic), which creates stable monthly revenues. The commercial articles are monetized with affiliate products (Amazon, etc.), which creates more sporadic but higher income. We’ve found this to be a good balance that maximizes revenue from organic traffic, offers a good user experience, and works well with Google search rankings.

Our Stage 3+ sites may also be monetized with a digital product, SaaS software or subscription, or other affiliate programs such as Clickbank and ShareASale. These offers are usually promoted through the email list and on the site through landing pages and popups.

Do Your Niche Websites Have Backlinks Already?

We take a conservative approach to the sites we build. We only build foundational links (niche directories and social media accounts) in the first year of a site’s life. The intent is to let the content grow organically and attract organic backlinks from relevant sites. This is viewed as natural by Google, and avoids link quality issues or penalties that can kill the site.

After month 12, if the site is getting substantial organic traffic on its own, we may strategically invest in link building to push up key pages in the search rankings.

We also link internally between related articles on the site. This creates “clusters” of topical articles that increase site authority, pass link juice between them and increase page views per user. We do this manually, rather than linking tools or plugins, because it’s more effective.

Finally, we link out from the site (external links) to relevant high quality resources. This is a good credibility signal for site visitors and search engines.

Are Your Websites Guaranteed?

We are committed to your success with the sites you buy from us. If, within 30 days of purchasing a website from us, the site performance varies significantly from its recent history in Google Analytics, Search Console and/or revenue reports, and you have not made any substantial changes to the site content or structure (for example spamming it with AI content, deleting or editing existing content, redesigning the categories), and you have not purchased any backlinks (PBN, niche edits or guest posts), and you have not linked out to low-quality or unrelated sites (e.g. sold links or used the site as a PBN), and you have not changed the site design or hosting, and you have followed our post-sale growth steps, then we will consider refunding your purchase in its entirety. Any domain or hosting transfer already completed would need to be reversed back to us before we refund the purchase price. After 30 days all website sales are final.

We will consider a refund within 30 days of purchase in these specific situations.

  • A Google update reduces the traffic by 40% or more
  • Google penalty is levied against the site that is not caused by your activity (as shown in Google Search Console)
  • Amazon cuts commission rates on all products sold on the site by 30% or more
  • For single product affiliate sites, the product or product owner is removed from the affiliate network, or the commission rate is dropped by 30% or more
  • The site is removed from the primary ad network used (e.g. Google AdSense, Ezoic, Mediavine, etc.)
  • You are unable to get approved for the same advertising or affiliate program(s) that the site generates its revenue from

Risk Disclosure for Niche Websites

Niche website traffic and income levels can vary substantially from day-to-day and month-to-month. Like any business, niche websites occasionally go through periods of flat or declining growth, ebb and flow with demand and business cycles, face competition, etc. If you stop publishing content on the site for an extended time, the search rankings, traffic and revenues will likely decline, just like any business that stops investing in marketing. Websites are also subject to multiple impacts outside the owner’s control, including Google updates, new regulations, hacking, copyright infringement, technology changes and shifts in online behavior. Past history of a website is an imperfect indicator of future performance. You should be prepared for these risks as a business owner, you should diversify to spread your risk, and you should not invest money in a website that you cannot afford to lose.