About Us

FunnelProfit is a digital asset holding company. We create revenue from a portfolio of websites and digital products using SEO, inbound content marketing, marketing funnels and marketing automation.

FunnelProfit was founded in 2015 as a B2B outbound lead generation and marketing automation company. Over the years, our focus evolved from outbound lead generation, to a combination of outbound + inbound content marketing, digital products and affiliate marketing.

Beginning in 2019 we began focusing exclusively on inbound organic traffic and building a portfolio of niche authority content websites. We continued to service a small group of long-term clients through the challenges of the covid-19 pandemic.

In 2021 we made the decision to stop offering digital marketing services to clients, and focus entirely on our own portfolio of digital products and websites.

Our Approach

We use a two-part approach to build inbound traffic and revenue.

First, we use inbound “authority” content to grow targeted organic search and referral traffic. We focus heavily on keyword research, search intent and content silos to build EAT (Google’s expertise, authority and trust). High-quality backlinks are built through targeted outreach, if needed. This fuels search engine rankings and organic traffic growth.

Next, we focus on converting this organic traffic into customers. We design marketing funnels to pull in leads and create automated email marketing sequences to engage them. This combines high-converting landing pages, relevant offers, email list building and automated email / SMS campaigns. Conversion rate optmization (A/B testing) is used to increase conversions. The idea is to design a buying journey that converts visitors into leads and buyers.

These two components significantly boost organic site visitors and convert them into buyers at a high rate. Organic traffic is long-lasting and evergreen. The lead capture funnel, offers and automated campaigns engage and sell on autopilot. The result is long-term revenue growth with high ROI% and minimal financial risk.

Market Niches

We have built websites, created digital products and worked with clients in a wide variety of niches, from B2B services to consumer products. Our approach is successful across market niches because we follow one rule: deliver value to the end customer with high-quality digital assets that generate long-term profits.

These are some of the industry verticals and market niches we’ve worked in:

Affiliate Marketing
Artificial Intelligence
Athletic Products
Banking & Finance
Capital Markets
Cloud Storage
Data & Analytics
Digital Marketing

Financial Services
Food Products
Government Services
Home Services
Info Security
Information Technology
Online Education

Outdoor Products
Real Estate
Risk Management
Safety Products
Software & SaaS
Telecom & VoIP