About Us

FunnelProfit is a B2B Lead Generation and Authority Marketing Agency Focused on Consulting and Technology Clients

We design and execute hyper-targeted B2B lead generation and authority marketing campaigns that deliver ideal prospects according to your specific criteria.

We work with consulting and technology clients whose sophisticated high-value solutions require deep knowledge and expertise to sell.

Our campaigns leverage high-quality “authority” content, lead with value, and deliver warm, engaged potential buyers.

We are B2B strategists who thrive on helping our clients land new customer relationships that “move the dial” for their businesses. Our team has over 100 years of cumulative experience helping companies market and sell to new customers across a wide range of industries.

We Increase Your Customers, Revenues and ROI by:

1) Targeting and capturing new, hyper-targeted, ideal prospects for your business
2) Engaging new prospects with high-quality “authority” content campaigns that lead with value and build trust and credibility
3) Reaching out and nurturing prospects across multiple B2B channels
4) Increasing your sales efficiency by expanding and automating your lead generation footprint

Types of Clients We Serve:

✓ Established B2B consulting and technology businesses with revenues of $1 million to $1 billion
✓ Venture-backed companies with funding and/or recurring revenues
✓ Industries: Consulting, Technology, AI / Machine Learning, Business Services, Corporate Training, E-Learning, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare

We Build Trusted Relationships

We partner with our clients to progressively grow their businesses in a high-integrity fashion. We help our clients “lead with value”, expand their industry presence, grow their brand recognition and increase new sales opportunities through direct engagement with potential customers.

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