About Us

FunnelProfit is a content-driven digital marketing and SaaS automation services company. We create revenue from websites and digital products using SEO, inbound content marketing, marketing funnels and marketing automation.

We are also investors, with a portfolio of websites and digital products that we create, grow and manage. We apply the same strategies for our clients that we use on our own websites.

FunnelProfit was founded in 2015 as a B2B outbound lead generation and marketing automation company. Over the years, our focus evolved from outbound lead generation, to a combination of outbound + inbound content marketing, digital products and affiliate marketing.

Since 2019 we’ve been focused on inbound organic traffic and niche authority content websites. Combining SEO, authority content, funnels, offers, marketing automation and automated follow up campaigns is highly effective. Years of building and optimizing various types of “funnels” and offers using direct response techniques continues to reap rewards. Focusing on inbound organic traffic generation has proven to be less risky than outbound marketing — especially as buying habits have changed from offline to primarily online.

We generally work with a small number of clients whose expectations and approach matches ours. We help our clients “lead with value”, expand their industry presence and grow their brand recognition, website traffic and revenue. If you are committed to building your business using a content-first approach, feel free to Contact Us.

Our Team

Lawrence Klamecki, Founder and CEO

FunnelProfit was founded in 2015 by Lawrence Klamecki, a business veteran with 20+ years experience ranging from startups to global corporations. He was one of the first people to sell PDF e-books online back in 1999. Lawrence works with clients to ensure FunnelProfit services are delivered with quality and integrity.  You can connect with Lawrence on LinkedIn or through our Contact Us page.

Nicholas Klamecki, Account Manager and Senior Editor

Nicholas has over 11 years experience as a research analyst / writer, editor and client account manager. He has a B.A. in Economics from UC Davis, and is Google-certified, OSHA safety-certified and has prior work experience in education, research, outdoor recreation and nonprofits. He manages client projects, ensures quality service delivery, and is the project manager / editor on several of our portfolio websites.

Nika Magradze, Graphics and Project Management

Nika has 5+ years of digital marketing, project management and graphic design experience. He is focused on graphic design and special projects to support our content-focused strategies.

Other Team Members

We utilize multiple experts and specialists to deliver services to our clients and run our own websites. High skill level and high integrity are a must to work on our projects. These include:

  • Content Writers
  • Content Editors
  • Link Builders
  • Outreach Specialists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Technical SEOs
  • Software Developers