Infusionsoft / Keap Services

Infusionsoft / Keap Services

Our Infusionsoft / Keap services help maximize your customers, revenues and business growth.

Whether you are new to Infusionsoft / Keap or are looking to leverage more of its sophisticated marketing automation capabilities, we can help achieve your unique goals.

Contact us to learn more about our Infusionsoft / Keap implementation services.

Infusionsoft / Keap Setup

  • User setup and access
  • Company setup
  • Email templates and signatures
  • Data import
  • Tags and categories
  • Opportunities module
  • Dashboard configuration
  • Lead scoring
  • E-commerce: shopping cart, order forms, products
  • Infusionsoft payments
  • Action sets
  • Report configuration

Infusionsoft / Keap Campaigns

Our Infusionsoft / Keap campaigns save you countless hours and increase your sales engagement and conversions.  We design and optimize Infusionsoft / Keap campaigns for email marketing, mobile marketing, social media, digital product sales and more.  They increase prospect engagement, educate your customers, close new sales, and offer up-sells and cross-sells.

  • Campaign design
  • Campaign testing and optimization (A/B and CRO)
  • Lead Scoring
  • Campaign reporting
  • SMS integration
  • Call / voicemail integration
  • Direct mail integration

  • Email campaigns
  • SMS text campaigns
  • Webinar campaigns
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Upsell / cross sell campaigns
  • Viral sharing campaigns
  • E-commerce campaigns
  • Consulting firm campaigns

Infusionsoft / Keap Optimization

  • Strategy and optimization plan
  • User setup and access
  • Company records
  • Contact records
  • Email templates and signatures
  • Data quality
  • Tags and tag categories
  • Pipeline design
  • Web forms
  • Engagement %
  • List segmentation
  • Campaign traps and loops
  • Email quality and frequency
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Lead sources
  • Custom fields

List Segmentation and Lead Scoring

Most firms rely on Infusionsoft / Keap for its automation capabilities, but neglect to segment traffic sources and develop if-then campaign paths based on how a prospect found their way into your sales funnel.

We segment and optimize your “top of the funnel” lead landscape and traffic funnel integration paths, then apply tagging and lead scoring with sophisticated “if-then-or-else” campaign paths in Infusionsoft.

This process identifies gaps in your lead sources, discovers new customer paths you were not aware of, segments your list effectively and engages each prospect the most effective way.  You get higher engagement, customer satisfaction and conversion rates.