Marketing and Sales Automation

Marketing Automation Services - FunnelProfit.comWe use a combination of modern SaaS technologies and expert strategy to automate your marketing and sales processes.

Our goal is to implement hands-off, always running systems that capture, engage, and convert prospects into high-value customers for your business.

Our Automation Expertise

We have years of experience implementing, developing and integrating SaaS CRM and marketing automation platforms.  Below is a sample of the automation tools we work with.

Salesforce automation services Infusionsoft services ActiveCampaign services
DocuSign HubSpot Pardot
pipedrive ConvertKit GetResponse
thinkific Kajabi Zapier integration services
LeadPages Instapage Trello
SurveyMonkey Google Cloud Google Analytics
Twilio Zoom GoToWebinar

Marketing Automation

Our marketing automation services help you deliver your marketing messages consistently, ascend leads and customers, generate referrals, and integrate your sales and marketing systems.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Generate high-quality sales leads from ads, web, social or e-commerce
  • Nurture sales leads from first contact (awareness) to closed sale
  • Generate new referrals from your existing customer base on autopilot
  • Automatically populate your CRM and lead lists, along with marketing qualification stage
  • Engage leads with automated email, social posts, calls, SMS / text or direct mail
  • Segment your prospect and customer list so you can offer the right product or service at the right time to the right prospects
  • Fill your inbound sales rep calendars with quality leads
  • Up-sell and cross-sell your existing customers to increase Lifetime Customer Value (LTV)
  • Re-engage your existing customer base with webinars, videos, white papers, surveys and other value-added content

Sales Automation

Our sales automation services speed up your lead-to-sales cycle and increases efficiency for proposals, pricing, contracts, account management, and customer support.

Sales Pipeline Automation

We automate your sales pipeline and sales tasks such as emails, call scheduling and sales collateral delivery. This boosts your sales team’s productivity and reduces the number of leads that “fall through the cracks.”  No more forgetting to call warm prospects or send follow-up emails, emailing a brochure days (or weeks) late, copy-pasting contact info into proposals, scanning/emailing PDFs for signature, moving leads into the right pipeline stage, logging calls, etc.  Sales pipeline automation can accelerate your sales cycles and save thousands of hours of wasted time per year.

Automating Proposals, Quotes and Contracts

We automate the often-complex workflows involved with producing and delivering proposals, quotes and contracts. Many companies lack systems and controls in this area, resulting in poor organization, rework, data quality issues and inefficiencies.  The difference between a well-oiled process and a poorly designed one is readily apparent to new prospects and can lead to lost sales and profits.

Automating Proposal – Quote – Contract workflows typically involves:

  • Creating client-facing templates for emails, proposals, product/service features, price quotes and standard contract terms
  • Setting up document libraries with appropriate access rights
  • Setting up your product / service catalog
  • Creating a configure price quote (CPQ) matrix with products, prices, tiers and bundles
  • Integrating an online contract management solution such as DocuSign
  • Configuring your proposal > quote > contract workflows and approval steps
  • Updating your sales pipeline reports to show quote and contract status, and the ability to drill down, share notes, etc.
  • Integrating with billing and invoicing processes

Integrating your proposal-to-quote-to-contract process with automation leads to significant improvements in collaboration, accuracy and efficiency.

Customer Support Automation

We automate customer support and engagement tasks such as support cases, emails, documents, upgrades, surveys, and knowledge management.  This significantly enhances customer experience and allows your support team to efficiently service multiple accounts.

Support case management and sales account management can be integrated to reduce information gaps and handoff issues.  We can design and configure KPI reports, case status dashboards and integrated information portals that help manage your customers and support your sales and marketing efforts.

Marketing + Sales Integration

We implement integrated marketing + sales workflows using SaaS tools and data sources.

A properly designed system should capture your full marketing-to-sales process, while still allowing your team to operate independently without cumbersome steps or “system overload”.  We achieve this by:

  • Engaging your team to understand their daily processes and KPIs
  • Identifying “low hanging fruit” tasks that can be easily automated to generate immediate efficiencies
  • Eliminating unnecessary steps that add little or no value
  • Establishing “best practice” standards for setup, configuration and data
  • Creating a step-by-step plan with duties, timelines and expected results
  • Implementing the automations, configurations and integrations.  This usually requires collaboration with your team members to obtain system access, data and documents.
  • Testing the system to ensure the implementation is done accurately and completely
  • Training your team on any new processes and procedures
  • Measuring and comparing before vs. after performance

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