This is Part 4 in a 5-part series describing an effective LinkedIn strategy for selling high value products and services. 


LinkedIn Automation is an important part of this LinkedIn strategy.  It uses a small Google Chrome extension which instructs your LinkedIn profile to automatically visit a large number of other profiles that you specify in Advanced Search (or Sales Navigator search).

LinkedIn automation allows you to visit up to 150 profiles a day — much more than you would normally visit manually. This is a valuable tool, because many people whose profiles you have visited will visit your profile in return.

A certain percentage of people will then invite you to connect.  Accepting these invitations adds them to your first-degree network.  Since they’re in your first-degree network you can then freely message back and forth.  This is 100x better than sending blind InMails!

NOTE: Combining LinkedIn automation with the Daily Sales Checklist below will significantly increase the effectiveness of your overall sales effort. We recommend this combined strategy to all our clients!


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How LinkedIn Automation Works

The idea behind LinkedIn Automation is that it turns your LinkedIn account into an INBOUND sales tool versus an outbound tool like most salespeople use LinkedIn for.  This is a key part of this LinkedIn strategy.

The great thing about LinkedIn automation is it can be run in parallel with your daily LinkedIn outbound prospecting work.  You can’t run it at the same time, but you can run it outside of business hours when you’re not making calls (or not working at all).

LinkedIn Automation

It’s important to understand that using automation is not an effective LinkedIn strategy by itself.  You also need to optimize your profile (SEE PART 1: LINKEDIN PROFILE OPTIMIZATION) AND you need to publish good content on a regular basis (SEE PART 2: LINKEDIN CONTENT PUBLISHING)

Below are the pros and cons of traditional outbound LinkedIn sales prospecting versus inbound LinkedIn automation. You can see how it can help sales executives use LinkedIn effectively as a prospecting tool!

LinkedIn Automation Inbound vs. Outbound

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