This is Part 3 in a 5-part series describing an effective LinkedIn strategy for selling high value products and services. 

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Advanced Search is the tool you use with this LinkedIn strategy to find your ideal target customers. We recommend you invest in Sales Navigator, because the Lead Builder tool provides very granular Advanced Search capabilities.

Doing complex advanced searches is a bit of art and science mixed together.  You’re looking for your ideal customers. There’s a lot of content to search with a fairly simple tool.

It’s important to understand that LinkedIn’s search engine isn’t Google.  It’s more “brute force” and requires a bit of boolean search skill to really zero in on your ideal target buyers.

How to Use the LinkedIn Advanced People Search Screen

Imagine I’m targeting lumber and forest product CEOs and Presidents in the Denver, Colorado area to sell expensive lumber stacking equipment.  Here’s how to execute the Advanced Search for this LinkedIn strategy…

LinkedIn Lead Builder Advanced Search

#1 Keywords:  add “lumber OR forest products” to the Keywords box. This searches entire profiles for the specified phrase.

#2 Title:  I want current CEOs and Presidents, not people that have left or retired.

#3 Second-Degree Connections ONLY:  Check 2nd degree connections.  These are the people who can see how you’re connected to them, and therefore they’ll feel more comfortable joining your first-degree network.

#4 Location:  Type in Denver and select Greater Denver Area.

#5 Industry:  You can narrow the results by selecting “Forest Products” or “Construction” or “Building Materials”

#6 Company Size:  Pick your company sizes.

Click the Search button and see the results.


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Tips For Using LinkedIn Advanced Search

Below are some easy-to-follow tips for constructing targeted customer searches in the LinkedIn Advanced Search screen.

LinkedIn Advanced Search Tips


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