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FunnelProfit LinkedIn ServicesWe create, curate, publish and promote high-quality content in your LinkedIn accounts. With over 575 million users and sophisticated targeting capabilities, LinkedIn is the perfect B2B content marketing platform to reach your ideal prospects.

Our high-quality custom content includes Articles, Posts, Updates, SlideShares and Webinars.  We promote and share your content on LinkedIn using direct messages and promotion campaigns to build your brand authority with ideal prospects.

LinkedIn Content Packages

How We Create LinkedIn Content

We produce unique, high-value content targeted to your specific buyer’s needs. Our process includes:

  • Interviewing your key leaders to extract their ideas, knowledge and insights
  • Converting your knowledge into valuable LinkedIn Articles, Posts, SlideShares and Webinars
  • Curating relevant third party articles for your LinkedIn social stream

Our approach is efficient and cost-effective.  It accelerates your content production and distribution and saves your business leaders from having to become content creators.

How We Promote LinkedIn Content

We publish and promote your content widely across LinkedIn.  This includes:

  • Your key leaders’ LinkedIn Profiles
  • LinkedIn Company page
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Direct Messages
  • Posting to your LinkedIn stream
  • Team / Co-worker sharing
  • Paid promotion campaigns

You can syndicate and/or repurpose the content to your company blog, social media accounts and marketing materials (brochures, white papers, slide decks, etc.). This gives you more “bang for the buck” and expands your content footprint further.

Your LinkedIn Content Marketing Funnel

The diagram below shows how publishing and promoting content on LinkedIn creates a powerful business growth funnel.

LinkedIn Content Marketing Funnel

Content Marketing on LinkedIn Works!

Publishing and distributing high-quality content on LinkedIn creates a “virtuous cycle” for your business.

Benefits of content marketing on LinkedIn include:

  • A significant increase in visits and engagement from target decision-makers
  • High-quality inbound business inquiries
  • Leading with Value:  Giving prospects tangible value before engaging in a sales conversation
  • A self-qualifying prospect list that continually grows
  • Increased brand awareness, authority and credibility in your target market
  • Evergreen marketing assets that generate continuous engagement and lead flow
  • Capture leads into your CRM and marketing automation software for subsequent follow-up

LinkedIn rewards content publishers by boosting your search rankings.  Your personal profile, company and brand appear more prominently in search results. You can share any type of content on LinkedIn, such as webinars, videos, Excel files, white papers, ebooks, surveys and much more

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