Are you at a crossroads with your content marketing and not sure which route to take?

The internet is full of potential B2B customers for your business. The difficult part is, how do you find the customers who are actually interested in your product and turn them into a customer?

You need four elements to start attracting new customers with content marketing:

First, a compelling “lead magnet” offer.

Second, a high-converting lead capture webpage.

Third, an automated email follow-up campaign.

Fourth, distributing your content to major blogs and media channels to drive incoming sales prospects.

Lead Capture Page

Step 1, is the beginning on your journey. Here, you build a custom lead capture web page. This will help convert the right prospects with effective messaging that addresses your ideal target customer’s pains and needs.

Lead Magnet

Next, Step 2, continuing your journey to new customers with content marketing, you deliver a valuable and relevant lead magnet that addresses a specific need or pain in a specific amount of time, with a specific result. For example “Learn to ride a unicycle and become the most popular act at the carnival in only 1 day.”

The “lead magnet” must be a close match to your ideal customer’s situation, and it can be a PDF or white paper, survey, discount, or a useful spreadsheet.

In exchange for this valuable offer, the prospect provides his or her name, email and/or phone number.  The visitor will opt-in to receive the “lead magnet” in exchange for their information. This creates a funnel of potential interested customers! These are your best sales prospects because they have taken a tangible action that indicates their problem and their interest in solving it.

Automated Email Campaign

Step 3, to attracting customers through content marketing includes re-engaging prospects with a compelling email follow-up. Your emails should provide information that encourages prospects to call, visit, or make an appointment. Through these follow up emails, further value is provided and helps encourage the prospect to take the next step in the buying process.

The final step of your journey to acquire new customers via content marketing is your prospects taking your desired call to action!

The process outlined gives customers a compelling reason to take the next step in your buying process. A high percentage of prospects convert and become repeat customers!

This content marketing funnel process “warms up” your potential customer and gives them tangible benefits which leads to higher conversion rates.

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