Email Funnel Basics

What Is an Email Funnel? At the most basic level, an email funnel can consist of a simple email capture form, an email list and an automated email responder. Prospects “opt in” to your email list by entering their email address into an opt-in form on your website, social media page, ebook, etc.  They typically … Read more

How to Create a LinkedIn Marketing Funnel

In this article, we’re going to teach you the fundamentals of creating a LinkedIn marketing funnel. This funnel can be created and run by one person or multiple working together for the same company. First, we explain the wrong way people use LinkedIn for lead generation. Then we describe the right way to create a … Read more

What Is a Digital Marketing Funnel?

A digital marketing funnel is an automated version of a traditional direct sales funnel.  Instead of a human sales person, a website, social media account, video, webinar or other digital media is used to generate and close sales leads. Traffic Sources to the Funnel Digital marketing funnels start with a means of generating traffic to attract potential … Read more