Authority Marketing Services

FunnelProfit Authority Marketing ServicesBusinesses such as consulting, corporate learning and IT services rely on deep expertise to acquire and retain customers.  A major success factor for growing a knowledge-based business is the ability to create “market authority” through thought leadership and content sharing.

We develop and execute authority-based marketing campaigns that grow your firm’s industry leadership, build your credibility and increase brand recognition.  We achieve this by co-developing impactful authority content with you.  We then distribute that content directly to your ideal target prospects across multiple channels.


Our Authority Marketing Services

We run authority-based marketing campaigns that leverage the following channels:

FunnelProfit LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn Marketing:  Network Building, Content Delivery and Brand Expansion

LinkedIn is an ideal B2B sales and marketing platform used by millions of professionals each day. Our LinkedIn marketing service builds your network with ideal prospects and engages them directly with high-value content.  We collaborate with your team to create unique authority content, including articles, webinars, strategy pieces, event invitations and surveys.  We then distribute it directly to your target prospects on LinkedIn.  You get a 3-10X increase in content engagement, viral sharing of your brand and value message, and a flow of warm prospects into your marketing funnel.

FunnelProfit Webinar Services

Webinar Marketing:  Deep Engagement That Drives Marketing Qualified Leads

Webinars deeply engage prospects and customers in a captive environment.  We produce and promote webinars designed to convert decision-makers into high-value marketing qualified leads (MQLs).  We install and set up your webinar platform, help script your webinars, and implement follow-up email and call campaigns.  We can also integrate your CRM or marketing automation software to eliminate manual data work and increase lead flow to your sales team.

FunnelProfit SlideShare Marketing Service

SlideShare Marketing:  Reach B2B Mobile Audiences

SlideShare has over 80 million professionals and 18+ million presentations — making it one of the largest knowledge platforms in the world.  The majority of SlideShare users view presentations on their mobile devices.  This provides direct access to B2B professionals looking for high-quality learning content. We optimize your presentations for SlideShare, then publish and share them widely to drive engagement.

Lead Generation Call Campaigns

Call / Email Campaigns:  Event Promotion, Webinars, White Papers and Surveys

We can augment your team to promote events or webinars, do industry surveys, share white papers and conduct industry research.  Our U.S.-based reps will reach out by phone, email and voicemail to significantly expand your market footprint.  This high-touch approach builds your brand and market presence, while boosting participation in your marketing events and research efforts.

FunnelProfit Content Syndication Service

Content Syndication:  Engage Prospects Across Multiple Platforms

We syndicate your best content across major platforms where your B2B prospects spend time researching and learning.  We create multiple variations of your content pieces, then publish them on LinkedIn, Medium, Taboola, social sharing networks and industry hubs.  This gives you access to a large number of additional customers without producing brand-new content (and higher ROI from your content investment).


Our Authority-Based Marketing Approach

We create and deliver high-impact marketing content directly to your ideal target buyers.  Rather than relying on a “publish-and-hope” approach, we actively deliver your content to prospects so they actually read it.

We call this approach “Outbound Inbound” (TM) because it includes elements of both outbound sales and inbound content marketing.  The goal is place your firm at the top of the “buying menu” when a purchasing decision arises.

Two elements are essential for a successful authority marketing campaign:

1) High-quality, engaging “authority” content that is relevant to your prospect’s specific pain points or needs, and

2) Making sure your target buyers actually consume it.

Our campaigns reach your target buyers directly.  The content we create delivers real value.  This combination puts you head and shoulders above your competition.

Benefits to You

  • Fully turnkey “done for you” authority marketing services.
  • Ideal for high-value B2B offerings.
  • Scales your team up quickly with expert skills at a lower cost than recruiting, training and paying full-time employees.
  • Drives engagement through direct delivery of your content to ideal prospects.
  • Consistently builds your brand footprint beyond your firm’s network reach.
  • KPI reporting allows clear performance and ROI analysis.
  • Leverages the content investment you’ve already made by promoting and syndicating it across B2B channels.
  • As a partner, we succeed based on integrity and trust.  We put our clients’ interests first and work hard to represent your company, brand and investors with the highest level of professionalism.

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