We’re all looking for ways to help expedite the growth of our business. With the rapidly changing sales landscape, we need to stay on top of our game. This is where LinkedIn automation comes in.

When applied correctly, automation can be the difference between effortlessly growing your business and letting your business stagnate. Here, we’ll show you 11 ways you can use LinkedIn automation to grow your business faster.

Evernote LinkedIn Automation

1. Use Evernote to Automate LinkedIn Prospect Data

Using Evernote is like having your entire office right at your fingertips. When connecting your Evernote and LinkedIn accounts, you can connect easily with new people, back up your information at any time, streamline your communications and write your content on the go. Evernote allows you to write notes, take pictures, record audio and more all while you’re mobile.  This allows you to easily and seamlessly automate everything with a few taps of your fingers where ever you may be. For sales and business development, this helps you keep track of all your customers and prospects.  You can save communications and notes you’ve created about the relationship (which is something you can’t do directly in LinkedIn).  Here’s a good video on automating LinkedIn by connecting it with Evernote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq1d_3JMBKg

Rapportive LinkedIn Automation

2. Use Rapportive to Reverse Engineer Emails with Gmail and LinkedIn

Rapportive LinkedIn Automation ScreenshotRapportive (now part of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator suite) is a free Chrome Extension for Gmail.   It compares email addresses with LinkedIn and other social media data, gathers the results and displays them in a “dossier”.  Rapportive pulls data from LinkedIn profiles, Twitter accounts, Skype accounts and website URLs and displays that information right on your screen.

Not sure what your sales prospect’s email is?  Just type multiple email variations into the To field in a new Gmail email message.  Then mouse over them and Rapportive will search and display the information it finds online for each email.  This lets you “reverse engineer” somebody’s email if it’s been associated with a LinkedIn account. You can then email that person without going through LinkedIn. You can also send personalized LinkedIn connection requests from Rapportive without ever leaving Gmail.

Using Rapportive as a LinkedIn automation tool helps you reach prospects by email without having to connect with them on LinkedIn first.  (NOTE:  Rapportive has daily limits and we advise using this sparingly so you don’t inadvertently get your Gmail flagged as a spam account by Google).

LinkedIn automation LinkedIn social share button

3. Install the LinkedIn Social Share Button

Solid content has been increasing in importance on LinkedIn for the last couple years.  You have essentially two options for automating LinkedIn content sharing:  1) you can write original Posts and share those, and 2) you can share links to blog posts to your Updates stream and LinkedIn Groups.  Sharing good content to LinkedIn Groups can get you a lot of profile views and elevate your credibility.  But sharing to multiple LinkedIn Groups is tedious.  Most automated sharing tools generate odd-looking posts with random images due to the way LinkedIn handles external content submissions.

One solution is to use LinkedIn’s own Share Button on your website.  Here’s the link to get your LinkedIn Share Button code https://www.linkedin.com/publishers. Then go to your blog post (which is on your site where it’s generating SEO) and click the share button and select a Group to send the post.  Rinse and repeat for as many Groups as you want.

Five Hundred Plus LinkedIn Automation

4. (NOTE: FiveHundredPlus.com site is down and dead) 

Duxsoup LinkedIn Automation

5. Save Time with Dux-Soup

Entering data and doing lead tracking manually is exhausting and can be expensive (time = money right?). Dux-Soup does profile auto-visiting based on LinkedIn search queries. You can automatically tag LinkedIn profiles to segment your searches. It allows you to export a .csv file of every LinkedIn profile you’ve visited during any specific time frame. The file includes relevant content such as the individual’s name, job title, company, location and other pertinent information.  You can then plug these contacts into a spreadsheet or import them into your CRM as new leads for offline sales efforts.  Dux-Soup is one of the better LinkedIn Automation tools with some unique features.  Check out www.Dux-Soup.com

Hootsuite LinkedIn automation

6. Automate Basic Content Sharing Using Hootsuite 

While this might seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised to know how few people are actually using LinkedIn automation tools like Hootsuite to automate content sharing.  This tool is best for scheduling and sharing Updates to your stream.  This keeps you front and center in your first-degree network. Hootsuite has an excellent reporting feature that let’s you track what’s working at different times, and what’s not.  Beware, though – LinkedIn doesn’t allow images from 3rd party apps to appear in your status updates.  If you share an Update with an external link, LinkedIn will usually auto-populate the submission with a random selection of images from the target page.  If you need to share graphics, you’ll have to post manually.  Check out www.hootsuite.com

Oktopost LinkedIn Automation

7. Use LinkedIn Automation Tools that Support Group Sharing Functionality

Joining LinkedIn Groups helps you grow your followers and network, but what about sharing content consistently to Groups? You can do this manually with the LinkedIn Share button. You can automate shares through Hootsuite (above).  Or you can check out tools like Oktopost and SocialMotus which let you queue up content to share with LinkedIn Groups.  Oktopost generally does a better job of posting images.

IFTTT LinkedIn Automation

8. Use a 3rd Party App Connector

So you’ve set up your third party apps mentioned above, but how do you automate them together? Try If This Then That, a tool that lets you connect your apps and automate them to work together to help grow your business on LinkedIn. Setting up all your automation accounts is one thing, but how do you use them together without bogging down? IFTTT helps “automate the automators” so they share information and your LinkedIn automation investment doesn’t go to waste.


9. Invest In an All-in-One Paid LinkedIn Automation App

If you have the budget, you can purchase an all-in-one automation tool like LinkedinBot, Elink Pro or Autopilot. These tools help you create seamless automation campaigns including individual profiles, LinkedIn Groups, sending connection requests, downloading data, responding to incoming invitations and many other functions. These all require a Premium LinkedIn account, and the app services cost up to $100 per month.  Plan spend some money and fund it with your new sales revenue!  (IMPORTANT NOTE:  After LinkedIn’s 2017 update these automation tools need to be used with greater care as LinkedIn’s sensitivity to bots has increased.  Choose your automation tool carefully and make sure it’s been updated to reflect LinkedIn’s requirements.)

InMail LinkedIn automation

10. Automate LinkedIn InMails

Sending InMails can be a challenge time-wise. Using the “save as template” feature in LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to create standardized outbound InMail messages which can be quickly sent to a large number of people. We consider this semi-LinkedIn automation because it simply makes your manual process 50% more efficient.   If you want to take this one step further you can use a browser-based tool like iMacros to record the keystrokes you make when populating and sending InMails. Keep in mind that this type of automation only works with a super-premium LinkedIn Recruiter account with a lot of InMails at your disposal.

LinkedIn mobile automation

11. Don’t Forget Mobile Automation

Over 50% of LinkedIn members use the LinkedIn App on their mobile devices.  As a LinkedIn App mobile user, you can use automation to make LinkedIn sing right on your Android or iOS device!  This is a little geeky, but if you want to build your business from your mobile device on the beach and you want to automate things as much as possible, here are a few tools to try:

  • AutoTouch – a free Android and iOs macro app that automates manual processes (similar to iMacros for your mobile device)
  • HiroMacro – another free Android macro app that allows you to record touch sequences and use a simple scripting language to build powerful automation routines
  • Keyboard Maestro ($36) – this is a sophisticated automation, text expander and macros app for Mac and iOs devices that allows you to design and execute complete workflows or simple automation tasks ($36)
  • TextExpander ($4.95/month) – this is a text expansion app with shortcuts you can record that automatically inputs saved text from a library you create.  This a good choice for messaging new LinkedIn connections.  It’s good for sending lots of outbound messages or InMails from your mobile device without having to type them over and over.

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