Salesforce Analytics Services

Salesforce Analytics Services

Salesforce AI: Analytics with Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein AI provides powerful historical insights and predictive business modeling using your unique data. Whether your data is in Salesforce, files, databases or other systems, Einstein AI can capture and analyze it to uncover strategic information with lightning speed.

With Salesforce Einstein, it can take minutes to discover what normally takes a data scientist weeks to find.

Salesforce Einstein AI Discovery Screen

Salesforce Analytics Capabilities

Using Salesforce Einstein AI to analyze your business data we help you:

  • Discover your company’s most impactful business drivers
  • Identify the key levers and causes for historical performance
  • Predict your business results
  • Recommend the best actions to take to substantially improve those results
  • Automate data gathering, normalization, analysis and reporting
  • Seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence into your business processes

Salesforce Einstein has dramatically cut the cost and complexity of implementing artificial intelligence for practical business use. It is a single, easy-to-use platform for capturing any data relevant to your business and analyzing data relationships to produce accurate business insights.

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To learn more about how Salesforce Einstein Analytics can be used in your business to uncover powerful business insights, please contact us to schedule a consultation.