B2B Lead Generation Services

FunnelProfit B2B Lead Generation ServicesNew sales leads are the lifeblood of your business.  Without a steady stream of new sales leads, your customer pipeline dries up and your business stops growing.

We are experts at generating new B2B customer leads for our clients.  We combine technology, compelling content, and well-tested campaign strategies to significantly increase your qualified sales leads.

Our team consists of native U.S. and Canadian lead generation specialists who represent your company with the highest level of professionalism.

Our goal is to continuously fill your sales funnel with warm, high-quality prospects that drive revenue growth and “move the dial” for your business.


Our Multi-Channel Lead Generation Approach


FunnelProfit B2B Lead Generation Process


There are two crucial elements necessary to succeed in outbound business-to-business lead generation:

1) Targeting prospects that are exhibiting commercial buying behavior, and

2) Engaging them across multiple channels

Old school “carpet bombing” approaches waste 80% of your lead generation investment, annoy decision-makers and focus on activity rather than quality of prospects.

We eliminate 80% of this wasteful effort by targeting likely buyers using our proprietary buying intent research process.  We essentially “80/20” your target list.  This allows us to focus on companies exhibiting actual buying interest in your product or service. We then engage multiple decision-makers in these companies across channels with multi-touch lead generation campaigns.

This integrated approach is highly effective for B2B offerings.


B2B Lead Generation Channels

We leverage the following B2B lead generation channels for our clients:

Lead Generation Call Campaigns

Call Channel: Personal Engagement and Appointment Setting

We schedule qualified sales discovery calls for your team by phone, email and voicemail.  Our team of skilled Sales Development Representatives reach out personally to engage prospects with your value proposition, and qualify them for interest, authority, timing and budget. We only schedule discovery calls with prospects that meet your qualification criteria.  We can also integrate high-quality content, webinar invitations or event invitations into outbound call campaigns.  Our high-engagement call campaign approach builds your brand, establishes your value proposition and delivers a flow of warm discovery calls.  Learn more >

FunnelProfit LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn Channel:  Authority-Based Lead Generation

LinkedIn is an ideal B2B sales and marketing platform used by millions of professionals each day. Our B2B LinkedIn lead generation services significantly improve the quality of your sales leads.  We use a sophisticated approach on LinkedIn that builds your network with targeted prospects and leverages custom “authority content” to warm them up before suggesting a discovery call.  We collaborate with your team to create this content, then distribute it directly to your target prospects on LinkedIn.  This approach results in greater sales productivity, shorter sales cycles and higher revenue per sale.  Learn more >

FunnelProfit Email Lead Generation Service

Outbound Email Channel:  Repeat Long Tail Engagement

We employ automated outbound email campaigns for lead generation clients where it makes sense.  We use a hyper-targeted, small batch email strategy that leads with value and builds personal engagement.  Our email approach is designed specifically for B2B clients with high-value offerings. We create every campaign from the ground up to meet your specific needs and ensure high conversion rates. Learn more >

FunnelProfit Webinar Services

Webinar Channel:  Deep Funnel Engagement

Webinars can be powerful for lead generation — particularly for B2B offers.  We are experts in promoting and delivering webinars that convert prospects into qualified leads.  We can install and set up your webinar platform, help script and produce your webinars, and implement follow-up email and call campaigns.  These steps engage and convert your prospects into customers at a high rate.  We also integrate your webinar platform with your CRM and marketing automation software to eliminate manual data transfer and accelerate your sales process.  Learn more >


Benefits to You

  • Fully turnkey “done for you” lead generation services.
  • Scales up your outbound sales presence quickly at a lower cost recruiting, hiring and paying a dedicated inside sales team.
  • Achieves high outbound sales volume by leveraging our expertise in lead generation, data and technology without the up-front investment and steep learning curve.
  • Consistently adds new customers to your business by delivering high-quality sales opportunities.
  • Generate more sales from your existing sales and business development team.  This leverages the investment you’ve already made and increases sales productivity, shortens sales cycles and boosts revenue per sale.
  • We are a lead generation firm that succeeds based on integrity and trust.  We put our clients’ interests first and work hard to represent your company, brand and investors.
  • We share the risks with you.  Our deal structure consists of a base service subscription plus performance-based bonuses with clear check-in points.  We only earn bonuses if we deliver solid qualified leads that have a high probability of converting into new business.

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