Strategy #3 – Integrating Infusionsoft with Your Consulting Firm’s Project Management and Support Systems

Consulting firms whose projects involve large delivery efforts, such as engineering services or nonprofit fundraising campaigns, usually have complex client interactions with many issues to address. This is where Infusionsoft comes in.

Infusionsoft for consulting firms can be used as an internal project add-on that ties all of your client-related project workflows together with your client relationship management.

Most small- and mid-size consulting firms use project management systems to manage their client projects and support issues like Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Mavenlink, SweetProces, Slack, Freshdesk, JIRA, Zendesk, etc. These can be integrated with Infusionsoft to create a seamless client engagement platform.

The first step is to connect your project management and client support platforms with Infusionsoft using their APIs. This allows Infusionsoft contacts to be assigned project status tags, such as “Phase 1 complete,” which can then trigger an engagement action from the Managing Partner or salesperson. This helps triangulate between the client, your project manager and the business development / relationship management leader.

A step further is to use this API integration to push project issue status tags to Infusionsoft. A common complaint of consulting clients is that their relationship manager (who may not be onsite or directly involved in the day-to-day project tasks) only gets involved when problems have been escalated. This is also an issue from the consultant’s side, because they’re only alerted to problems once the client is already upset and it’s already evolved into a “put out a fire” situation. By adding issue tags to a contact through the API, your client relationship manager can run status reports and preemptively engage the client and project manager before it escalates.

A third option for consulting firms using Infusionsoft is to automate the scheduling of periodic project client meetings. This is often done manually by project managers, even for standardized projects. By integrating a scheduling app like AppointmentCore with Infusionsoft, the relationship manager can automatically schedule periodic check-in meetings. This allows you to engage with the client, see how the relationship is going and potentially introduce new service offerings as a project progresses.

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