Strategy #2 – Consulting Post-Project Client Engagement Infusionsoft Campaign

When we implement Infusionsoft for consulting firms, we look for ways to implement processes that help our clients engage and re-engage their customers at the right time with the right information.  This takes some planning.

If you have a sequence of offerings that naturally follow each other, you don’t want to introduce them out of sequence.

Likewise, you don’t want your team to complete the project and just walk out of your client’s office without any further engagement or a game plan to generate more revenues from that client.

Because of its sophisticated behavioral campaign features, consulting firms can use Infusionsoft as an automated client engagement and re-engagement system. Here’s how it works:

First, you need a series of related offerings that fit together well. For example, an IT security firm might offer a security audit as a loss-leader, then an upsell to security analytics installation, followed by an upsell to an ongoing IT security managed service. An HR consultancy might offer background checks, a benefits cost reduction plan, etc.

Second, a responsible individual (or Infusionsoft if these are automated sales) is tasked with tagging the client with start and end tags for each project. So when Project Manager Pam completes Project #1, she would go into Infusionsoft and tag the client with the Project #1 Done tag.

Third, the Relationship Manager is automatically tasked with scheduling an appointment with the client to see how things are going.  This provides an opportunity to address any concerns early, build on the project successes, and to partner with the client at a strategic level.

Finally, an Infusionsoft campaign is kicked off automatically with a client satisfaction survey and valuable information on how the client can take advantage of the new capabilities you’ve just implemented.  These can be FAQs, articles, a white paper or helpful PDF guide, or a short series of educational videos.  We often introduce a “soft upsell” at the end of this sequence to the next related service offering.  This can be an Infusionsoft automated campaign, sales calls, or both.

This process creates positive client goodwill and sets your firm up for the next offer. We set these sequences up to match our client’s unique business needs. The possibilities are endless.

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