The consulting business is inherently a high-touch and high-credibility environment based on mutual trust. Whether your firm is purely advisory, focused on tactical implementation, or oriented toward training, how you engage your clients and potential clients with Infusionsoft is critical to success.

In this post I will describe three campaign strategies that work using Infusionsoft for consulting firms.

Strategy #1 – Super High Value Infusionsoft Newsletter (with List Segmentation)

To be successful in the consulting business you must demonstrate your firm’s expertise on a continuous basis. On the typical consulting project there are only a few client personnel with whom your team engages. This small client group maybe impressed by your team’s knowledge, but the topics discussed and number of people reached tend to be limited. You don’t reach other decision makers in the business, and you can’t easily introduce other offerings across the client’s organization.

So what’s the solution?

Here is where a super high value email newsletter can add significant value for consulting firms using Infusionsoft. There are millions of newsletters out there — most of these add zero (or negative) real world value. Your e-newsletter needs to be tweaked by making it a high-value information source and turning it into a list segmentation tool.

First, you obviously need outstanding content on a range of topics of interest to your clients and prospects. You have a team of experts, right? Make it mandatory for each Consultant to write a 1,000 word article on an area of professional interest, case study (with client identity kept confidential) or latest industry development. This must be high value information for your clients, including how the information might affect the client’s business.

It helps to group the topics according your offerings. Have a copyeditor edit and spice up the articles, give each one an interesting image or video, then post to the blog section of your website.  This has significant additional SEO and social sharing benefits by creating a long term lead generation platform.

Next, summarize each article in 200-300 words, or just copy the first 300 words of each article. Create a series of emails in your Infusionsoft newsletter campaign with those 200-300 words. Then include a link to the full-length blog post on your site. In infusionsoft, add a tag to the link so the contact is tagged when they click through to the blog post. Now you’ve created a system that segments your contact list by different interests, helping you target your sales efforts.

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