They say that asking for help is the hardest step — but also the most important — in overcoming obstacles.  That sentiment rings true for most sales teams trying to prospect on LinkedIn.  When should you look for expert LinkedIn lead generation help, and where do you find it? 

You may think to yourself, “I’m smart and social media savvy. I can do this on my own!” (The DIY Trap).

Or, you may be tempted into believing that avoiding the expense of professional LinkedIn lead generation help is a great way to save marketing dollars (The El Cheapo Trap).

Both are wrong moves that will get you nowhere.


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The fact is, using LinkedIn effectively and consistently is a multi-faceted and complex process.  Doing things right can be a bit of a learning curve — but actually doing it consistently is the big challenge.  Taking a DIY approach to LinkedIn is a time-consuming and highly inefficient use of your valuable, finite bandwidth.

Ask yourself this: Do you want to spend your time learning LinkedIn? Or would you rather spend your time speaking to high-value potential customers?

If it’s the latter, it’s probably time to engage an expert.

Getting LinkedIn lead generation help (and using the right team that understands your business) is a great way to fill your sales pipeline with highly qualified leads with the least amount of effort.

How to Tell If You Need LinkedIn Lead Generation Help

LinkedIn lead generation help notes

#1 – You’ve found LinkedIn to be a huge time suck that generates mixed (or no) results.

Frankly, the vast majority of sales professionals and business development executives don’t use LinkedIn properly. From their profiles to their published content, they’re missing valuable potential leads, or worse, they’re creating a negative impact through spammy outreach.

That’s understandable.  Knowing what works (and doesn’t) on LinkedIn for lead generation isn’t obvious.  There’s a lot of misinformation in the market about what’s possible (“Fifty qualified calls per month guaranteed!” and the like).  LinkedIn has been evolving rapidly and the latest lead gen fads burn out quickly.

Remember, regardless of the tool you use and the market you’re in, buyers still need to be engaged properly and they still have a buying cycle.

You see, LinkedIn isn’t about “being social” or simply making noise. Those activities are huge time killers that offer no real sales benefit.

However, once you invest in the right LinkedIn program, it’s highly probable you will exceed your sales goals — read this article for how to use LinkedIn to nail your sales goals.

#2 – You have no idea what LinkedIn is, how it works or how it can drive leads for your business.

LinkedIn is the ONLY self-updating professional database and social platform worth using.

According to Fortune, LinkedIn boasts half a BILLION registered users around the world.  Estimates place the monthly active users figure (people who log in at least once a week) at more than 252 million. Each one of those users is a professional, business owner or potential customer.

What’s more, LinkedIn is the best source for leads in many industries — particularly high-end B2B products and services.  The quality of leads generated is often far higher than other sources, assuming you have the right engagement and nurturing program in place.

If you haven’t sought the right LinkedIn lead generation help to put a solid plan in place, you are leaving business on the table. With expert advice from a team who cares about your business (not just momentary “vanity” stats), you can engage with hundreds of ideal prospects through a variety of touch points.

The bottom line is this:  If you consistently “lead with value”, you can create a market-leading presence in your market and consistently drive high-quality leads into your sales pipeline. 

#3 – Your LinkedIn plan is half-baked, unfinished, and you don’t have time to fix it.

Do you put in at least an hour each day prospecting and sharing content on LinkedIn? Who has time for that?

Most people launch a LinkedIn effort without the right kind of LinkedIn lead generation help.  They just read a few blog posts, learn a couple “can’t-miss tips and tricks,” then proceed to reach out sporadically and non-scientifically.  They fail to follow up with prospects regularly, maintain their outreach consistency, or nurture their network enough to generate true engagement and lead flow.

Simply connecting with other LinkedIn users and sending a canned message will never yield the results you want. Frankly speaking, that kind of half-baked effort can easily put you in the spammer bucket, potentially ruining your business reputation and harming your company’s brand.

In a perfect, well-oiled-LinkedIn-lead-gen-machine world, senior executives should ONLY be speaking with well-qualified prospects, closing deals and supporting their current clients.  They should NOT spending hours each day churning away on LinkedIn.

Luckily, there’s a better, more efficient and high-impact (to your bottom line) way — it’s time to get professional LinkedIn lead generation help.

#4 – Your LinkedIn plan just isn’t working, despite your best efforts.

Perhaps you have poured hours into educating yourself on the intricacies of LinkedIn, and you’ve managed to craft a thorough outreach plan. Maybe you’ve even engaged some professional help along the way.  Now it’s time to take stock…

Step back and ask yourself, “How many REAL business conversations have you had from your LinkedIn leads lately?”

This isn’t “Field of Dreams,” folks. “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t always work here. Even when you think you’ve done everything right, your pipeline of qualified leads can end up pretty thin.

How can you tell your whether your LinkedIn lead gen efforts are working to their fullest potential?

If you’re connecting with people, but having productive conversations with less than 10% of them — it’s not.

How To Find the Right Type of LinkedIn Lead Generation Help

OK, so you admit your business could benefit from some expert guidance. How do you find the right LinkedIn lead generation help?

First and foremost, avoid these common mistakes when hiring a LinkedIn lead generation firm. Instead, seek out an expert firm that specializes in LinkedIn lead generation and high-value authority marketing. One run by experienced B2B business development professionals with the right tools and processes in place. You need a trustworthy partner who isn’t focused on top-line vanity metrics.  You need an expert who cares about the quality and quantity of actual qualified sales conversations you have.

Get Expert LinkedIn Lead Generation Help

If you’re looking for qualified LinkedIn lead generation help that’s 100% devoted to developing customized strategies that move the needle for your business visit our LinkedIn Lead Generation Services page.