If you’re not using a LinkedIn lead generation service as a vital part of your sales strategy, you’re truly missing out on one of the most powerful selling tools available.

LinkedIn offers sales organizations many advantages for prospecting and lead generation.  With more than 500 million users, it offers a huge audience.

More importantly, LinkedIn delivers the ability to hyper-target an audience — by industry, position, company size, region and more.  This lets you drill down to a captive network of qualified prospects for your marketing funnel.

At the same time, LinkedIn’s extensive publishing opportunities enable you to grow your brand awareness and stay top of mind with content tailored to your ideal customer’s pain points and challenges. 

LinkedIn is an unparalleled tool for collecting leads, nurturing engagement, and building authentic value-driven relationships.  Ultimately this should allow you to convert contacts into customers with the least amount of time, money and effort.


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However, without the help of an experienced LinkedIn lead generation service, your solo LinkedIn efforts can quickly become a daily burden. 

Selecting a smart lead gen partner is paramount to ensure your LinkedIn efforts deliver results so you can smash your sales goals.

Here are a few ways hiring a LinkedIn lead generation service can help:

Focus on Quality: Yours and Theirs

As we’ve discussed before, using LinkedIn without a solid plan or guidance from a LinkedIn lead generation service will merely flood your CRM with unqualified contacts. Filtering out those who are interested versus those who are not is critical.  Weeding through the data “by hand” is a daunting task with little reward. In fact, sorting through unqualified leads is the biggest potential drain on sales resources for any organization.

Thankfully, the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff and find high-quality, high-return leads is an area where LinkedIn excels. A LinkedIn lead generation service will help you hone in on the platform’s key benefits to ensure sales success.  A good LinkedIn lead gen partner will build your targeted network, pre-qualify interest and tee up discovery calls, while you focus on higher-level sales tasks.

They’ll also extract the value from premium LinkedIn tools, such as Sales Navigator.  An expert partner will craft incredibly granular advance searches, review lead recommendations and effectively engage with potential customers.

A lead gen partner will guarantee you lead with value by sharing high-quality, helpful content. You’ll be building awareness, nurturing prospects and establishing your presence on their provider leaderboard. 

LinkedIn lead generation service - avoid sales lead droughts

Avoid Lead Droughts

By tapping into the power and reach of the platform using a LinkedIn lead generation service, you’ll create an ongoing, steady pipeline of qualified leads.  This frees you from the peaks and valleys that occur through your own sporadic lead gen activities.

An inconsistent LinkedIn approach, applied in fits and starts, is a common mistake among B2B sales executives. With LinkedIn, consistency is critical to success, but most sales professionals and business leaders don’t have the time or bandwidth necessary.

A LinkedIn lead generation service takes the pressure off you by applying a well thought out, long-term plan that delivers a steady flow of high-quality  sales leads.

Save Your Time for Selling

A LinkedIn lead generation service will save you hours and hours on the platform, sifting through contacts and blindly updating your profile and posts.  DIY-ing LinkedIn is highly inefficient. The platform’s nuances take time to learn and apply. 

Let’s face it:  without somebody to do it for you, you probably won’t do LinkedIn consistently and end up abandoning the effort altogether. That means your lead flow will dry up.

A well-qualified LinkedIn lead generation service has the tools, personnel and know-how to get it done right, put you on the right path and save you time and money. That is time and money better spent closing business and building long-term customer loyalty.

Amplify Your LinkedIn Reach & Impact

What should a lead gen service do for you? In addition to targeting and creating a steady flow of interest, your expert partner should craft a well-written profile that syncs with your value proposition. 

You will use the keywords your customers actually use, and implement a solid elevator pitch and compelling offer that drives real response. The core focus is engaging potential customers with “What’s in it for Me?” messaging that speaks to the match between their needs and your solutions.

You’ll also receive articles, posts, and long-form LinkedIn Pulse content that position you as a thought leader.  You’ll learn how webinars, videos, SlideShare and other tactics can help amplify your message across platforms to create an integrated marketing approach that drives ROI.

Move Forward With the Right LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

To learn more about how an expert LinkedIn partner can drive your business growth, visit our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service page.