Across the board, leading marketers point to email as a top driver of lead generation, ahead of search engine optimization and social media tactics.  To capture the power of outbound email for driving leads to your sales pipeline, you need the services of email lead generation experts.  

By following outbound email best practices — such as smart list segmentation, thorough A/B testing, customized personalization and so on — companies can boost the impact of their email efforts even further. But knowing best practices and implementing them are two different things, especially for busy marketers.

That’s where the services of an astute email lead generation expert comes in handy. By engaging professional help, you can make sure your email program is operating optimally without having to micro-manage it yourself.

Case (studies) in point… below we’ve gathered four success stories that show how expert email lead gen advice made all the difference.

Prestigious B-School Fills Classrooms With Email Lead Generation

Challenge: A top 10 business school held regular on-campus information sessions to promote their MBA programs. These sessions advertised with a collection of local outreach, including some haphazard email efforts, with little integration, follow-through or performance testing. As a result, each session attracted only about 20 attendees.

Solution: Enter the email lead generation experts. Tasked with increasing attendance at the on-campus sessions, the university’s email experts identified a highly targeted audience of prospective students based on lifestyle and geographic location — namely, people with bachelor’s degrees living within 50 miles of the campus. The outbound email team then constructed a compelling series of emails promoting the MBA information sessions.

Results: With more than 200 participants, the school experienced a ten-fold increase in attendance at their information sessions. Since they were mined from a pool of highly segmented prospects, each participant was qualified to enroll in a master’s program and resided close enough to the university to do so.

What Other Marketers Can Learn: Even smaller-scale, local endeavors can benefit from an expertly built outbound email program.

Growing Fraud Prevention Company Gets Smarter With Outbound Email Expert Help

Challenge: An online fraud prevention company was targeting e-commerce companies to help them reduce declined sales and chargebacks. The defined their ideal B2B customer well, but the company’s small staff struggled to keep up with researching prospective customers, identifying decision-makers and managing outbound emails, in addition to actually selling to the prospective clients who did respond.

Solution: The company realized that retaining the services of a email lead generation experts would be the best solution for ironing out the gaps in their sporadic outbound process. The outbound email firm quickly created a pool of qualified contacts that met the firm’s ideal customer profile and executed a plan for targeted, consistent outbound outreach and follow-up.

Results: The fraud prevention startup not only boosted sales with the improved outbound process, they also saved more than $50,000 in lead generation expenses in just the first year working with outbound experts. As a result, they were able to grow their sales team significantly.

What Other Marketers Can Learn: The adage “You have to spend money to make money,” is true. By devoting a portion of their limited marketing dollars to engaging a team of email lead generation experts, the startup was able to offload time-consuming, ineffective tasks and focus on selling.

Shopping Rewards Platform Expands Its Reach by Engaging an Email Lead Generation Expert

Challenge: A shopping rewards platform that enables consumers to donate to worthwhile nonprofits was manually contacting hundreds of NGOs — a time-consuming and ultimately ineffective approach — to find partners. The platform was ready to scale up outreach and chose an email lead generation expert to help identify contacts and send targeted emails with automated follow-ups.

Solution: The email lead generation experts who were able to quickly pick up on the company’s existing efforts, ensuring that current nonprofit partners were included while seamlessly adding new, interested prospects directly into their CRM. Their email partners also created an ideal partner profile and wrote an impactful email sequence targeting prospects who matched the profile. Each subsequent email was triggered (or not) based on response to the prior message.  Follow-up emails were sent during proven high-performing days/times.

Results: The shopping rewards platform doubled positive response rates to their outreach from 3% to over 7%. Because only qualified positive responses were sent on to sales, each of their sales reps saved up to 20 hours a week that had previously been devoted to triaging email bounces and responding to unqualified leads.

What Other Marketers Can Learn: Properly executed outbound email campaigns often result in a large influx of prospective partners or customers, while also saving time and effort for everyone in the sales chain, from marketing to sales reps.

Direct Mail Firm Uses Email to Grow Business and Test the Waters

Challenge: A direct mail firm serving both B2B and B2C verticals was interested in bulking up their lead pipeline to provide a consistent deal flow. Additionally they were interested in potentially expanding their expertise to untapped market segments.  They wanted to gain insights about product-market fit by testing outbound emails in both existing and new industries.

Solution: Working with email lead generation experts, the agency created a three-month email marketing plan that started with careful audience segmentation for both existing and new markets. Personalized messages were crafted for each segment, and multiple iterations were sent based on level of response to previous messages.

Results: Average open rates grew 50% and average response rates increased 10%, resulting in a significant number of quality leads and a measurable increase in closed business. The program also proved the viability of expanding into new market segments.

What Other Marketers Can Learn: Remember that email is a great way to not only grow business among your target area of expertise, but can also be a fantastic platform for testing the waters in new sectors, especially with smart segmentation and individualized messaging.

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