Outbound email continues to be one of the most effective tools for lead generation.  But without solid email lead generation help you are likely to run into a lot of pitfalls along the way. 

By engaging an expert to run your outbound email campaigns, you’ll spend more time selling and less time dealing with technical challenges.  With the war on spam, email deliverability can become a challenge.  The rules are constantly changing and it pays to have an partner who runs outbound email lead generation campaigns day-in and day-out.

Here’s how choosing the right partner will help you avoid the top four mistakes we see with outbound email campaigns. 

We pretty much guarantee you’re making at least one of these mistakes right now…

Banish Bad Subject Lines

Let’s begin at the beginning. Your subject line is the first impression you make with an email recipient. Create a reason for your reader to engage with your message. Tap into pain points, and relate to them in a specific, relevant way (see segmentation for more help here).

Example 1

BEFORE: Make $$$ with 10% Off Marketing Leads!!!

Dollar signs, exclamation points and percent signs, plus the “make money” offer, are all top spam triggers. Plus, this reads like a subject line we’ve read a thousand times before.

AFTER: Cold Weather ≠ Cold Leads: Boost Winter Sales Now

While subject lines personalized with names are a bit out these days, personalizing to locality, season or holiday can still add value to your subject lines. Ending with a CTA earns extra credit.

Example 2

BEFORE: Manage Staffing Challenges with Temp Help

Meh.  Also, why give away all the info up front?

AFTER: 5 Secrets Top Execs Use to Solve Staffing Problems

Create a reason to open the email by teasing solutions to a common, and serious, problem and tapping into the reader’s desire to be a “top exec.”

Example 3

BEFORE: Earn More Money with Our Free Consultation

While enticing readers with a no-cost offer seems logical, the word “free” is a major hat-tip to spam filters, as are offers to “earn more.”

AFTER: Reach 10,000 New Clients This Week With One Easy Trick

This headline works on a number of levels, including quantifying potential results, creating an appealing timeline and driving intrigue around “one simple trick,” all while avoiding typical spam trigger words.

With expert email lead generation help, you’ll avoid words and phrases that trigger spam filters, and start using psychological triggers to drive conversions while banishing blandness.

Clean Up Your Contacts

Proper email lead generation help will ensure you are emailing properly verified contact lists. This means running large lists through email verification services, and pruning out unsubscribes and bounces immediately.  

BEFORE: A list of 500 out-of-date and unverified addresses for contacts who’ve never agreed to hear from you may earn a meager 10% open rate.  This list will inevitably damage your sender domain reputation, significantly lowering the deliverability of your campaign emails. Result: 50 people read your email.

AFTER:  Expert email lead generation assistance will get rid of bad contacts up-front and cut them out of ongoing campaigns.  This will reduce your list to a smaller, but more relevant 300 contacts.  Your open rates will increase substantially among this tighter group (especially if you implement the other recommendations on this list).  A 20%-plus open rate is easily attainable, yielding 60 opens while keeping your domain reputation strong.

Start Segmenting

Even if you work with a fairly narrow prospect pool, each individual within that target pool will have unique needs.  Sending a single standard message to every prospect will yield poor open and response rates.  Every email sent also misses an opportunity to nurture a valuable new customer relationship.

With experienced email lead generation help, your email contact lists will be segmented to create a better experience and yield maximum response rates.  In fact, according to the DMA (Data & Marketing Association), segmented emails earn up to 760% more revenue than their non-segmented brethren!

BEFORE: You send a “special offer for new clients” email to everyone on your target list, leaving prospects scratching their heads (or just deleting the emails) rather than opening and clicking.

AFTER: By implementing list segmentation, your contacts are tagged with their industry, interest and and other data that might be useful such as location, industry, company size, etc.  Emails are sent solely to applicable contacts with tailored subject lines and body, reinforcing to each potential customer that you know their business and understand their needs.

Implement A/B Testing

We’ve talked about the importance of split-testing before. As one of the most common email mistakes, the message bears repeating. With proper email lead generation help, you’ll get systematic A/B testing of different subject lines and message content.  Without split-testing, you’re literally leaving money on the table.  A/B testing can not only drive much better results over time, it can uncover surprising response points from your target market. 

BEFORE: A cloud-based software provider wanted to send an email to drive pre-sales for their new SaaS software. They crafted a message with a 20% discount offer for the pre-sale period and sent an email broadcast to a large list.

AFTER: The team decided to test the impact with / without the 20% discount offer. They found, to nearly everyone’s surprise, that the email without the 20% discount incentive actually yielded more than 40% more orders than the email without the offer. Demand for the software. Not only did the no-promotion offer perform better, but was also more profitable than the 20% discount offering overall.

These are just a few examples of why hiring an expert lead generation partner can drive more new business with less effort and cost.  Why struggle on your own without the expertise from running hundreds of outbound email campaigns at your fingertips?  Growing your business with new customers depends on getting it right!

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