We’ve spoken many times about the unmatched benefits of using a LinkedIn lead generation expert to help build your sales pipeline.  A strong LinkedIn strategy can save time and money while delivering top-quality sales leads. We also see LinkedIn lead generation as a critical part of a comprehensive sales acceleration plan.

The goal of sales acceleration is to speed up the sales process, therefore shortening the sales cycle. Typically, this is achieved with tools and sales process optimization, so the sales team becomes more efficient and closes business more effectively.


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Using LinkedIn lead gen to build a consistent flow of high-quality leads and discovery calls accelerates your sales in two ways:

1) You spend your valuable time on targeted, qualified leads only, not sifting through a mass of contacts to find the ones with buying interest.

2) You close more deals more quickly because you’re talking to the right people with a demonstrated interest in or need for your products or services.

LinkedIn Lead Generation vs. Industry Events

Compare the LinkedIn lead generation process with prospecting at an industry event, for example. Even a highly targeted industry event in your niche category is an expensive and slow way to engage with potential customers.

The costs of attending an industry event include:

  • Several days of your time away from all other prospecting and selling activities
  • Transportation and hotel expenses
  • The opportunity cost of the lost conversations with your existing sales pipeline.

No matter how hard you network at an industry event, you’ll likely only end up with a few leads interested in becoming a customer. Industry events can an incredibly inefficient and costly way to sell.

Why You Need a LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert

By enlisting the services of a LinkedIn lead generation expert, you’ll maximize the sales acceleration benefits you achieve from your investment.  This helps you close more business, faster and more profitably.

LinkedIn lead generation expert checklist

A great LinkedIn lead generation expert:

  • Works closely with you to discern your exact sales needs. They take the time to fully learn your business and your value proposition. Armed with that critical business intelligence, your LinkedIn partner will “kick the can around” and develop different strategies and ideas for acquiring new buyers.
  • Has the expertise necessary to leverage premium LinkedIn tools like Advanced Search and Sales Navigator to hyper-target your ideal prospects as you define them. With a LinkedIn lead generation expert at your disposal, you don’t have to waste time learning these advanced functionalities.  You simply get qualified leads and discovery calls.
  • Responds to feedback, insights and analytics. By closely monitoring your results throughout the engagement, a well-qualified LinkedIn lead generation expert continuously ensures the program operates at an optimal level. With keen observation and know-how, they can optimize your outreach in a number of ways to ensure a successful flow of business  This includes changes in targeting, tackling new customer niches, tweaking keywords and search terms, and more.
  • Helps you efficiently and strategically improve your LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn lead generation experts are well-versed in the fine art of crafting a compelling LinkedIn profile, one that matches the key words people actual search for, includes a compelling and concise elevator pitch, and uses psychological triggers that draw response.
  • Directs the creation of high-impact content that you can use to warm up and nurture prospects across the sales cycle. LinkedIn offers an unbeatable publishing platform for tapping into B2B audiences that aren’t easily reached anywhere else. From posts to long-form LinkedIn Pulse articles, your LinkedIn lead gen expert will guide you in creating the right type of content that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from the competition. And, they’ll share that content effectively through other platforms to create a wide-reaching, cohesive content message that reaps big rewards.
  • Acts as a sort of Sherpa, helping you avoid dangerous pitfalls along your journey. One unfortunate misstep within the LinkedIn ecosystem can lead to disaster, including having your LinkedIn account suspended. With a smart LinkedIn lead generation expert as your guide, you’ll avoid spamming valuable prospects, and instead, “lead with value” to generate warm conversations with well-nurtured prospects.
  • Uses smart A/B testing to optimize your LinkedIn results. A LinkedIn lead gen professional knows there is NO “one size fits all” approach that performs perfectly across industry niches, so testing is essential. A tested and optimized campaign can increase your results by 30 to 50 percent in some cases. That means you’ll have more conversations with the right prospects, all leading to the ultimate reward — new business.
  • Staffs your account with the appropriate onshore skilled resources. A proven LinkedIn lead gen expert knows the importance of offering a well-trained, trustworthy U.S.-based team, supervised by an experienced Account Manager.
  • Is fully transparent throughout the process. LinkedIn provides very limited activity and performance reporting, so you can’t easily see what’s working (or not). A good LinkedIn lead generation provider will be 100 percent transparent in terms of performance and will provide a proper self-serve reporting dashboard.
  • Guarantees results in terms of actual engagement and discovery calls. A LinkedIn lead generation expert who promises to deliver “leads” can waste hours of your time by forcing you to chase people to get a call.  This just creates more work for you. You need a partner that will actually pre-qualify those leads and set up the calls for you.

Hire a LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert

The LinkedIn lead generation experts at FunnelProfit pride themselves on accelerating your sales by engaging ideal prospects directly on LinkedIn. To learn how we build high-value LinkedIn programs for our clients visit our LinkedIn Lead Generation Services page.