Despite the fact that email is the “old dog” of the digital marketing world, it continues to be one of the most effective channels for B2B lead generation and one that has more than stood the test of time.  This article gives you the 101 on outbound email services and how they produce solid sales leads.

Statistics Don’t Lie

As of last year, there were an estimated 3.7 billion email accounts worldwide and an astounding 269 billion emails sent each and every day!  Marketers consistently rank email as a top tactic in their digital arsenal. In a recent poll by MarketingProfs, 73 percent of respondents named email the top channel for leads, placing it just ahead of organic search and a whopping 18 percent ahead of social media.

When combined with the assistance of an experienced email lead generation service provider, email marketing becomes an indispensable, efficient and cost-effective part of your sales funnel.

Inbound vs. Outbound Email Services

Let’s take a moment to note the important distinctions between lead generation campaigns delivered with an inbound versus outbound email service.

With inbound email campaigns,  you’re communicating en masse with people who have opted in to hear from you.  These messages are, more often than not, intended to drive them to landing pages or websites. They rarely create dialog and, if not written well, can be automatically filtered and routed to spam folders, never to be seen again.  

With outbound email campaigns delivered by an outbound email service, the goal is to drive personal conversations with hyper-targeted decision makers. You reach the right person and present your value proposition in a way that 1) convinces him or her of the value of your offering and 2) persuades them to take the next step. 

Why Is an Outbound Email Service So Valuable?

As a tool to drive high quality warm leads into your sales funnel, outbound email shines.

  • It’s Personalized: Outbound emails set up one-to-one conversations with hyper-targeted potential customers.  When properly done, the messaging is always personalized, specific and relevant to the recipient.
  • It Offers Direct Access: With a professional outbound email service, your messages reach decision makers directly, at their primary email address. Email can be scaled to all types of audiences — important because not everyone is active on social media channels, particularly B2B prospects.
  • It Can Be Tested & Optimized:  With the right outbound email lead generation service, you’ll leverage the power of A/B split testing for different headlines, message content, calls to action, visuals, offers and more. Every email you send without A/B testing is a lost opportunity to increase the number or warm leads for your sales funnel. 
  • It’s Automated & Consistent: Using specialized tools you can create fully or partially automated follow-up schedules.  This ensures consistent engagement with prospects, alleviates your sales team from having to manually send emails and follow-ups.  It also yields much higher response rates.  These automated sequences can be tested to maximize effectiveness, as well.  Want to test a 5-email sequence vs. 7-email sequence?  Or a link to a free calculator in email number two?  No problem.
  • It’s Flexible: An outbound email service can be used to drive any type of response or result including a personal phone call or a webinar signup. You can invite contacts to read content, watch a video or take a survey, or you can provide a free downloadable resource or provide info on a new product launch. The sky’s the limit!
  • It’s Compliant:  With professional assistance you can be sure your email lead generation campaigns are 100 percent CAN-SPAM compliant.

Email Lead Generation Service List

How Can an Outbound Email Service Help Your Business?

With the assistance of an expert outbound email lead generation service, your campaigns will be properly integrated into a B2B sales funnel that consistently delivers warm, qualified leads. This ensures you’re squeezing maximum potential from your overall outreach effort.

The service provider will research prospects and undertake the time-consuming task of building and verifying custom email lists that meet your exact targeting criteria. Whether you’re seeking out the heads of retail technology at mid-size brick-and-mortar brands, or the CEOs of solar energy companies, your emails will reach your potential customers directly.

A well-run outbound email service will set up a dedicated email infrastructure separate from your main company email servers. This allows you to implement a robust email strategy without concerns about deliverability or harming your main website’s sender reputation.  It also makes it possible to integrate behavioral technology and automate the follow-up process.

Quality email lead generation providers write email campaigns that drive high response rates and stay out of spam filters.   Careful attention is paid to subject lines, visuals and design, wording and calls to action, offers and, above all, personalization, so that messages are highly relevant to your target prospects.

A/B testing is one of the most valuable tools for making sure every email you send performs optimally. With split-testing you’ll glean more results with less effort from your outbound email efforts. Your provider will refine the messaging based on split testing results, boosting open rates and positive response rates.

If you’re considering an outbound email program, we strongly advise you not to skimp on quality.  Email is a time-tested marketing tool that is still reaping rewards for businesses nearly a quarter-century after its debut. But maximizing the power of outbound email for lead generation requires an experienced partner.

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