Email Funnels

We Design and Implement Automated Email Lead Generation Funnels that Increase Sales

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FunnelProfit Email Funnel InfographicEmail marketing is the most widely-used but perhaps the most poorly implemented digital marketing technique. There is a huge difference in success between an Email Funnel that is properly designed and one that is not.

We approach each Email Funnel engagement using the following detailed discovery process:

Where Is Your Traffic Coming From?

We identify your traffic sources and design automated campaigns optimized for those sources.

Our Email Funnels can be optimized for any traffic source, including search, social media, video, pay-per-click ads and direct sales channels.

If you want to grow new traffic sources, we will design and implement new Email Funnels specifically for those channels.

Developing Email Funnels for multiple channels and combining them into an integrated system can have a huge impact on your email subscriber growth.

What Should You Offer?

We make your lead magnets truly powerful.

Prospects are increasingly interested in getting to know you and your brand before sharing their contact information. The world is awash with freebies like white papers, swipe files, cheat sheets and 14-day trials. If your lead magnet is not compelling then your prospects have no reason to join your email list.

To grow your email list effectively, your lead magnets must have compelling and immediate value.  We work with you to match and optimize your opt-in lead magnets to your ideal customer’s true needs.

What’s the Best Way to Capture Email Opt-Ins?

We implement advanced opt-in tools to drive your list growth.

Are your opt-in forms optimized for user flow and experience?  Do you use video overlays? Social media email widgets? Light boxes? Navigation bars?  Text-to-email? Surveys? Webinars? E-books?

Businesses that rely solely on standard email web forms to capture email subscribers are rapidly falling behind.  Powerful tools are available that can generate millions of new email leads. Without them your email list will not grow to its full potential.

We help you boost your email list growth by integrating these advanced opt-in tools into our Email Funnels.

How Do You Increase Your Opt-In Rates?

We increase opt-in rates by 50 to 300 percent (or more) by making your opt-in pages irresistible.

Have you wasted money on traffic that doesn’t result in sufficient email opt-ins? This often happens because inexperienced marketers do not know how to create compelling email opt-in pages.

We use multiple scientifically-proven techniques to increase email opt-in rates (see infographic).  These techniques are applied to landing pages, social media sites, video accounts, direct sales campaigns and anywhere else you want to capture email leads.

We believe in giving your prospects so much perceived value that they are driven to join your email list.  This is done by understanding and communicating with your customers using psychological triggers.

What Then? How Do You Engage Your Subscribers?

We develop effective and engaging email follow-up campaigns that drive long-term results for your business.

The simple truth is most businesses neglect their email subscribers by failing to engage them enough, at the right time or with the right messages.   Businesses also neglect to segment their email lists, making it difficult to send the right offers to the right prospects.

Our email campaigns work together seamlessly and deliver high perceived value. We mix engagement messages with up-sell and segmentation actions to progress potential customers to lifetime buyers.  Every email is written and optimized as part of a larger campaign with specific, measurable goals.

We segment your email lists using targeted offers and content.  This enables you to target and “split off” specific portions of your list for specific offerings. Conversion rates go up significantly if you use list segmentation.

Non-responders and inactive subscribers are targeted separately to  reinvigorate their interest and drive further value for your business.

Our Continuous Engagement Model

We create Email Funnels with long-term customer engagement and revenues in mind.  

Sporadic or ineffective engagement can cause subscribers to stop opening and reading your emails, effectively abandoning your list.  If you provide true value to your subscribers, they will stay with you for years. Delivering continuous value ensures your subscribers remain engaged and creates multiple revenue-generating opportunities.

We continuously test and optimize different variations across your entire Email Funnel to achieve the highest possible success rates. This ensures that your warm leads “ascend” to become valuable long term customers.

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