When used properly, LinkedIn can be the most powerful selling tool in your wheelhouse. You can identify new prospects, hone in on data, and stay top of mind with both customers and potential leads.  Here are 9 LinkedIn Lead Generation hacks you can use today to harness the power of LinkedIn to fill your sales funnel.

FYI – If you’re looking for more LinkedIn hacks check out our free 101 LinkedIn Hacks guide.

1. Nail the Basics

If you don’t have the fundamentals in place, how can you tap into LinkedIn’s more robust platform capabilities?

Optimize your profile for keywords and terms that your customers would use to describe you. Remember, the key to a successful LinkedIn profile isn’t merely to describe what you do, but also what you can do for others.  Make sure there’s plenty of “What’s In It For Me?” (WIIFM) built into your profile presentation.

HACK:  Search the keywords you want to show up for then mimic the top 3 profile keywords and keyword density (hint: Google keyword density rules don’t apply on LinkedIn).

Also, don’t forget the social aspect of LinkedIn. It’s designed to engage prospects through content sharing, commenting and liking.  LinkedIn is not Facebook, so the general rule is to avoid posting personal or politically controversial topics (no matter how enticing) that might put off your customers.  Start with a daily post of a good third-party article, and you’re on your way.


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2. Turbocharge Your Networking and Prospecting With Sales Navigator

Consider using premium LinkedIn tools like Sales Navigator to help you harness the network’s data. It can help recommend sales leads, allow you to track updates and even unearth mutual connections to companies you’d like to reach out to.

Sales Navigator’s Lead Builder is the next generation Advanced Search with very granular search capabilities.  The ability to filter and target micro-niches in the B2B space goes far beyond other platforms.

HACK:  Use the “Years in current position” field to search for new c-level executives.  These execs are much more likely to make strategic buying decisions to improve business performance.

With LinkedIn’s recent acquisition by Microsoft, coupled with a major 2017 update rolling out as this is being written, you can expect Sales Navigator to be the “hub” of prospecting activity.  It’s well-worth the extra money in our opinion.

3. Drop the Generic Default LinkedIn Messages

There’s nothing inherently wrong with LinkedIn’s pre-populated messages.  In fact they perform pretty well.  But there’s also nothing exactly perfect about them, either.

For LinkedIn lead generation, it’s important to remember that you want potential clients to understand the value you provide (WIIFM, remember?) before a connection is made.  Most of your B2B prospects don’t need more random network connections — they need valuable ones that help them succeed.  You can establish this first impression by writing your own connection messages.

HACK:  pre-write your LinkedIn messages in a spreadsheet, Google sheet or use iMacro for one-click pasting.

4. Hyper-Target Your Content

Creating or syndicating hyper-targeted content on LinkedIn can help you reach specific niche B2B audiences that would be difficult or impossible to reach otherwise.  In this respect, LinkedIn is a great place to get traction with a dedicated content marketing strategy.

There are three free ways to publish on LinkedIn that generate tangible results fast:

  • Daily Updates (now called Posts with the new update)
  • Weekly Posts (now called Articles with the new update)
  • Re-posting your content to LinkedIn Groups

HACK:  This is perfect work for a copywriter + VA.

5. Publish Long-Form Content on Pulse

LinkedIn’s Pulse publishing platform offers a valuable way to share your thoughts while garnering greater exposure to both your profile and your website. Publishing on Pulse ties directly to your profile, so having insights about your industry at the very top of your profile can be beneficial to expanding the conversation while demonstrating to prospective clients that you are a credible authority in your industry.

HACK:  Check out this article by our partner Jamil Velji on producing quality long-form content extremely fast with minimal cost and headache.

6. Generate Leads with ‘LinkedIn Companies’

To start, select “Companies” from LinkedIn’s ribbon featured near the top of the page. Once “Companies” has been selected, click on the heading marked “Search Companies”.

On the right hand side of the page you will find categories which will allow you to easily create lists of your ideal target prospects. If you want to start with some warm leads, try selecting only first or second degree connections in combination with your selected search criteria and go from there.

HACK:  Use Sales Navigator to create lead lists from companies.

7. Mine Company Pages

One of the best ways to start your LinkedIn lead generation is to collect official company name, headquarters location, website URL, company size and more. These elements can help you better understand the organizations you are trying to target which will enable you to better tailor your connection with them.

Have an assistant enter this Company information into your CRM, then enrich it with keywords, news, etc.  As your leads grow, you will have an accurate list of companies in your CRM to associate them, and begin doing company-level campaigns.  This is particularly helpful when targeting enterprise-level customers.

HACK: Can you say “virtual assistant”?

8. Update Your Company Page Consistently

An active company page featuring news updates and other shared information might be the key to getting your message heard. Events, job posts, new deals, etc. can open the discussion with potential buyers and job candidates.  This creates warmer conversations and a positive first impression of your company.

Even if you don’t have a huge amount of information or hundreds of followers, you don’t want your Company page to be a ghost town, content-wise.  That just screams “no marketing budget!” and puts off buyers and job seekers.  You don’t need a lot of followers on your Company page, but do keep it relevant and up-to-date.

HACK:  Use MeetEdgar to create content pools and update your LinkedIn company page auto-magically to keep it lively.

9. Attract Inbound Leads 

If you haven’t checked your LinkedIn “Who’s viewed your profile” tab yet, what are you waiting for? This is one of the easiest ways to follow up with potential leads that may have stumbled across your company profile but not yet reached out to you. This is a great way to connect with potential clients and build a natural LinkedIn lead generation channel.

HACK:  Send these folks a connection invite, then follow up with something useful (linking to a good article you wrote on LinkedIn is a good idea).  This warms your new connections up and presents you as an authority, instead of the usual sales pitch.

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