Webinar Lead Generation Service

We Generate B2B Sales Leads with Webinars

FunnelProfit Webinar ServicesWebinar funnels are powerful sales and marketing tools — particularly for B2B product/service and training offers.  We are experts in helping our clients promote and deliver webinars that convert prospects to well-qualified leads.

We can install and setup your webinar platform for you.  We help you script and produce high-performing webinars with proven templates, in-webinar actions and follow up sequences.  These steps engage and convert your prospects into customers at a high rate.  We also integrate webinar platforms with CRM and marketing automation software to eliminate manual data transfer and accelerate your lead-to-sales engagement process.

Webinars Substantially Increase Lead Quality

Webinars provide amazing lead generation capabilities:

  • Capture information about webinar registrants and attendees for future follow-up.  Webinars are ideal for building a lead list of highly engaged potential prospects.  You can then engage them repeatedly with offers and further invitations by email, phone, direct mail and other methods.
  • Stream your webinars to many prospects at once.  Cloud-based webinar technology can stream webinars to 5 or 200 attendees at once.
  • Invite viewers to share the webinar with with social sharing buttons.  This boosts webinar viewers 15-20% or more.
  • Reward viewers for actions taken during the webinar. Unlock a useful bonus or “freebie” such as a value calculator, software, discounts, or free trial subscriptions.  This significantly increases viewer engagement!
  • Display a survey link, then show the results of the survey.  This polls your viewers and provides immediate feedback.
  • Promote an “act now” limited offer to create buying urgency and interest.
  • Integrate a live chat plugin to encourage comments and answer questions live during the webinar.
  • Capture questions during the webinar privately using a built-in email form, then answer them later.
  • Hold one-time live webinars or recorded “evergreen” webinars.
  • Pre-populate your attendee list to display multiple names, or hide it altogether.
  • Send viewers to a destination page after watching the webinar — an up-sell page, video, product, strategy session or even another webinar.
  • Customize nearly any aspect of the webinar experience to match your brand, style and site design.

We are experts in all aspects of setting up your webinar platform and presentations for best results.

Eliminate the Technical Pain and Complexity of Webinar Setup

Setting up a webinar funnel and integrating it with your digital marketing and lead generation funnels can be complex, requiring specialized technical skills.  This can distract your marketing team from creating webinar content and driving traffic to your webinars.  Why deal with these technical complexities when you don’t have to?

We are experts at integrating webinar lead generation campaigns with LinkedIn, email and sales workflows, including:

  • Webinar software setup and WordPress plugin installation
  • Live chat integration
  • Integration with Infusionsoft, Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact and other marketing automation and email platforms
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels to monitor and optimize your webinar funnels
  • Webinar page design and copywriting
  • Webinar promotion campaigns by LinkedIn, email, phone, etc.
  • Email invitations, reminders and replay sequences
  • Webinar process flow testing
  • A/B testing different in-webinar offers, story lines, images, colors, titles, lengths, etc.

Proven Webinar Lead Generation

We offer our clients proven lead generation strategies and scripts for their webinars that engage viewers and convert them into high-value prospects.  We help eliminate the trial and error optimizing your webinar presentations.

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We can run complete webinar lead generation campaigns, including webinar setup, presentation design and integration with your CRM and marketing automation software so you can focus on growing your business.  Contact Us today to schedule a free consultation