Webinar Funnels

Capture and Engage B2B Sales Leads with Webinar Funnels

FunnelProfit Webinar ServicesWebinars can be powerful lead generators — particularly for knowledge-based B2B product/service and training offers.  We are experts in helping our clients set up, promote and deliver webinars that attract and convert prospects into well-qualified leads.

We install and setup your webinar funnel for you.  We drive traffic to your webinar opt-in page, and implement pre-webinar email campaigns to convert registrants into attendees.

We help you script and produce your webinars with proven templates, in-webinar actions and follow up sequences.  These steps engage and convert your prospects into customers at a high rate.

We also integrate webinar platforms with CRM and marketing automation software to eliminate manual data transfer and accelerate your lead-to-sales engagement process.

Webinars Are Ideal for Authority-Based Selling

Webinars are essentially captive mini-seminars that require a firm commitment from prospects to attend.  When done properly, webinars establish deep brand trust and authority through direct interaction with your prospects.

This personal experience, combined with a typical 45-60 minute time frame, allows you to demonstrate your expertise and lead prospects down a detailed “value path”.  You can use case studies, calculations, graphics and other ways to tell a story and educate your potential buyers.

Interactive Capabilities = Positive Engagement

Webinars provide amazing interactive engagement capabilities:

  • Capture information about webinar registrants and attendees for future follow-up.  Webinars are ideal for building a list of highly engaged potential prospects.  You can nurture them repeatedly with additional content, offers or webinars.
  • Stream your webinars to many prospects at once.  Cloud-based webinar technology can stream webinars to 5 or 200 attendees at once.
  • Invite viewers to share the webinar with with social sharing buttons.  This boosts webinar viewers 15-20% or more.
  • Reward viewers for actions taken during the webinar. Unlock a useful bonus or “freebie” such as a value calculator, software, discounts, or free trial subscriptions.  This significantly increases viewer engagement!
  • Display a survey link, then show the results of the survey.  This polls your viewers and provides immediate feedback.
  • Promote an “act now” limited offer to create buying urgency and interest.
  • Integrate a live chat plugin to encourage comments and answer questions live during the webinar.
  • Capture questions during the webinar privately using a built-in email form, then answer them later.
  • Hold one-time live webinars or recorded “evergreen” webinars.
  • Display or hide your attendee list.
  • Send viewers to a destination page after watching the webinar — an up-sell page, video, product, strategy session or even another webinar.
  • Customize nearly any aspect of the webinar experience to match your brand, style and site design.

Eliminate the Pain and Complexity of Setting Up a Webinar Funnel

Setting up a webinar lead generation funnel, webinar content, email and CRM integrations can be complex.  This can distract your marketing team from driving attendance to your webinars — resulting in low ROI.

Our Webinar Funnels include:

  • Webinar software setup and configuration
  • Integration with your marketing automation platform
  • Integration with Google Analytics to optimize conversions and allow retargeting
  • Webinar registration landing page design and copywriting
  • Webinar deck and script templates
  • PPC ad campaign and retargeting
  • Webinar promotion campaign by LinkedIn, email, phone, etc.
  • Email invitations, reminders and sequences
  • Webinar testing
  • A/B testing offers, story lines, images, colors, titles, lengths, etc.

Get Started With Your Webinar Funnel

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