Time is Money, and Time is Limited.

It can be challenging to develop a highly successful email marketing campaign that generates awareness for your independent consulting practice and brings in new clients. Developing an email marketing campaign takes time and effort – time and effort which you could be channeling into the clients who actually fund the business you are marketing.

Independent consultants face a classic challenge:

When you are consulting and billing, you are not marketing, and when you are marketing, you are not billing.

Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day, so consultants like you must prioritize and delegate marketing efforts.

When choosing where to focus your time, it is more effective and efficient for independent consultants to spend your time doing what you’re good at – consulting and billing. People hire you for your expertise, so why bother taking time out of your day to learn how to market yourself when a marketing expert can do all the legwork for you?

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Creating a successful email marketing campaign is great, but it is only one step in forming a truly powerful system to market yourself as an independent consultant. Having a marketing mix is key.  A system connecting each of your marketing initiatives will provide bigger bang for your buck – that is, assuming you have formed a solid and consistent strategy between each of your marketing channels.

Adapting to Mobile Users

A large segment of people now view their emails on a smartphone on the way to their next meeting, in a cafe or between TV shows. This means your emails must be mobile-friendly in length, content and format.

Mobile also gives a marketer only one fifth of the space to attract subscribers to read your emails and engage them.  This is achieved with short, impactful, bite-sized content.  Stringing together numerous smaller messages takes a different campaign design and calls to action than the traditional full screen format.

Improving Deliverability

Email Marketing ProcessSo you’ve gained a solid subscriber base – great! But by no means does this signal that your email campaign is done. For a company with 10 people or less, the average open rate is 22.19%, and the average click-through rate of an email is 3.1% (Source: MailChimp). This means that the deliverability of your email is key to ensure that you are optimizing your open and click-through rates.

The difficulties of improving deliverability are endless, ranging from poorly written subject lines to spam filters, or failing to design emails for mobile users. There are a number of little known, but very effective “white hat” techniques that email marketing experts use to counteract these issues and significantly increase deliverability.

Building and Retaining a Subscriber Base

An email campaign is useless if there are no people to send the campaign to, so this is really the first hurdle. Before you can focus on the content and strategy of your emails, you must develop a strategy to build a subscriber base.

This might mean establishing a blog and a landing page system so people can easily opt-in to your email list. Or it could mean gaining a bigger presence on social media. The key here is not just attracting subscribers, but the right subscribers, using unique, high value content that delivers true value.