Outsourced Sales Development Services

Lead Generation Call CampaignsWe Generate Qualified Discovery Calls for Your Business

The process of engaging and qualifying new sales leads can be arduous, time-consuming and expensive.  It requires accurate targeting, well-trained Sales Development Reps (SDRs), the right technology, effective scripts and a combination of phone, voicemail, email and LinkedIn.

Our outsourced Sales Development Services deliver direct sales outreach, lead qualification and discovery calls by phone, voicemail, email and LinkedIn. Our team of skilled Sales Development Reps reach out personally to engage and qualify leads.  We then schedule discovery calls for you only with prospects that meet your qualification criteria.

Our outsourced Sales Development Reps (SDRs) can also do event promotion, webinar invitation and content-sharing campaigns as part of a combined Sales + Marketing strategy.

Our Multi-Channel Approach

We employ outbound Sales Development to generate sales leads for our clients using a comprehensive multi-channel approach.

Outbound SDR calls, voicemails and emails can be combined with LinkedIn to reach your ideal prospects when and where they communicate.

We can also combine this outbound campaign with an ad-driven lead generation funnel to drive inbound leads that are then qualified for you before booking prospects into your calendar.

Our outsourced Sales Development Services include:

  • A dedicated Sales Development Rep (SDR) who learns your business, value proposition and messaging, then engages prospects on your behalf and schedules qualified discovery calls
  • A well-researched custom target list that meets your criteria (we employ advanced data science tools to leverage buying intent and other “in market” indicators to 80/20 target account lists)
  • A sophisticated outbound call management system with automation and email integration
  • High-converting call, voicemail, LinkedIn message and email scripts written by  experienced B2B sales execs
  • (Optional) Assistance creating campaign content to share with sales prospects
  • (Optional) Ad-driven inbound lead generation funnel

We take a “white glove” approach to B2B lead generation.  Our multi-channel approach generates warm targeted leads with multiple touches, while building your reputation as an authority in your market.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our outsourced Sales Development service works best for B2B companies with a customer value of USD $25k+.  It is not suited to low value or B2C offerings.  

Step 1:  Prospect Targeting

You tell us the targeting criteria for your “ideal prospect”.  This can include industry niches, geography, technologies, market events or other criteria to build a list of target accounts.  You specify the job titles and seniority levels to engage — typically senior decision-makers responsible for business strategy and bottom line results.  You can also specify a “Do Not Call” list of companies or individuals to avoid contacting current sales prospects or customers.

Step 2:  “80/20” List Building

We use multiple verified sources, buying intent data and “in market” indicators to build a list of target prospects meeting your criteria.  Our primary goal in developing a call list is to “80/20” the universe of potential prospects down to a population of candidates with a higher probability of buying.

List building is a dynamic exercise — the population of companies actively looking to purchase changes frequently.  We zero in on companies exhibiting buying behavior or trigger events that indicate heightened interest.  This reduces wasted time and money, and increases lead quality significantly.

Step 3: SDR Training & Sales Scripts

We invest significant time and effort learning your market, product/service and value proposition.  Your dedicated SDR learns how to articulate your offering effectively.  We strive to accurately and clearly communicate your value messages at all times.

We create call, voicemail and email scripts to run your campaign.  We also work with you to develop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Objections & Responses (O&R) sheets so your SDR to respond effectively during initial conversations.  This process is two-way and takes some effort on your part to convey the knowledge needed to represent you properly.

We can also help you create (or repurpose) content to share during the sales process.  This can be a strategy paper, white paper, industry survey, article, video, book, webinar invitation, event invitation, or even a physical product sample.  Leading with high-quality content creates brand recognition and credibility for your business.

Step 4:  System Setup

Email, calendar and call management systems are set up specifically for your campaign.  We use your email and calendar systems (e.g. Office 365 or Google Suite) to speed up the process.  This presents your SDR as “part of the team” to sales prospects.

Step 5:  Direct Sales Engagement

We execute your sales development campaign at scale, reaching out to a large number of prospects consistently each day by phone, email and voicemail.  You an add LinkedIn to cover all sales channels — our team executes and coordinates your entire campaign.

Once your assigned Sales Development Rep (SDR) is in contact with a prospect, she or she describes the purpose of the call.  If your goal is discovery calls, your SDR will engage and qualify the prospect with a few key questions, answer basic FAQs about your offerings, and initiate scheduling a discovery call if your criteria is met.

When a prospect is qualified and interested in speaking, we schedule a discovery call directly in your calendar at a mutually convenient time. We email you a short brief prior to the call. You call the prospect at the agreed time and progress the sales opportunity after that.  If the prospect does not show up (it happens) then we attempt to reschedule or replace the appointment.

Our Sales Development Reps are 100% native English speakers based in the United States and Canada. We learn your business and value proposition, and represent you with the utmost care.  Outsourcing your sales development to a dedicated team saves tremendous time and effort acquiring high-value leads and chasing prospects.  If you’re considering whether to engage an outside Sales Development team, consider that this one step will save you hundreds of hours of wasted effort and guarantee you’re having real conversations with the right prospects. 

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When you do the math it’s easy to understand the true value of attracting and converting more prospects into customers by outsourcing appointment setting.

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