Pay Per Lead

Cold Email Lead Generation Service

ONLY Pay for Leads That Are

Actually Delivered

Pay Per Lead B2B Cold Email Lead Generation Service - FunnelProfitAre you tired of paying a cold email lead generation agency a fixed monthly retainer in exchange for inconsistent lead flow?

 Shouldn’t your lead generation agency ONLY get paid for DELIVERING quality leads to your sales team?

 What if your cold email lead generation agency only charged for warm leads that have already said “yes” to a discovery call with you?


The Pay Per Lead vs. Prepaid Retainer Model

 With our Pay Per Lead model, you pay only for warm leads that are actually delivered.  This means your costs reflect the number of real leads that flow into your sales pipeline in any given month. 

In comparison, with a Prepaid Retainer model you pay up-front for a specified number of leads.  But this doesn’t mean you will receive the agreed number of leads each month.  Even if your agency offers a money-back guarantee this “pay me now, deliver leads later” model has significant issues.

What Happens When Leads Are Plentiful?

 When demand is high leads are much easier to get.  Sales teams know they must “seize the day” during these periods to fill their pipeline and land as many deals as possible.

Cold Email Lead Generation - Pay Per Lead - Plentiful Leads GREY = Prepaid Retainer TEAL = Pay Per Lead

Under a Pay Per Lead model (teal bars), when demand is strong and leads are plentiful your agency will deliver as many leads as possible.  This is EXACTLY what you need to fill your pipeline and beat your sales targets.

In comparison…

With a Prepaid Retainer model (grey bars), your agency will stop delivering new leads when they hit their monthly target (here 12 leads).  They slow your campaign down and hold leads “in reserve” to cover future dry spells.  This deprives your sales team of new opportunities and caps your sales growth. This is the absolute wrong thing to do when sales opportunities are highest.

What Happens When Leads are Scarce?

It’s normal for lead flow to fluctuate during the business year.  Holidays, purchasing windows, budget cycles, email delivery failures, etc. affect lead flow.  The reality is all cold email agencies struggle to deliver leads at times.

Cold Email Lead Generation - Pay Per Lead - Scarce Leads

GREY = Prepaid Retainer TEAL = Pay Per Lead 

Under a Pay Per Lead model (teal bars) when demand drops and leads are scarce, your campaign cost goes down and your cost per lead (CPL) remains stable.   You NEVER pay for leads you don’t receive. 

In comparison…

With a Prepaid Retainer model (grey bars), you pay up-front for future leads even if your agency doesn’t deliver them.  When the agency comes up short your cost per lead (CPL) skyrockets, and you have to demand a refund for the missing leads.  This is counter-productive. 

Pay Per Lead Benefits

  • Pay Per Lead maximizes your lead count and sales pipeline
  • Costs rise linearly when leads are plentiful, and drop when leads are scarce
  • Cost per lead (CPL) is predictable
  • Your lead generation agency bears the risk of delivering leads (not you)
  • You and your lead generation partner are always 100% aligned
  • Your agency has to be better to make more money — instead of mindless “carpet bombing” they must do real research and leverage advanced data science to find warm prospects for you
  • There are no excuses, no runarounds and no refunds necessary

Our Pay Per Lead Cold Email Lead Generation Service


  • One-time $997 setup fee, then ONLY pay for warm leads that have said “yes” to a discovery call with you
  • We use advanced “commercial buying intent” research to build your target list ONLY with companies showing actual buying behavior
  • A deep-dive strategy call with an outbound lead generation expert.  We identify your ideal target customers, company size, industries, locations, job titles, buying intent topics, value proposition, key “buying trigger” language and more.
  • Custom email scripts written specifically for you
  • A dedicated cold email infrastructure set up with your company’s branding
  • Email warm-up period to “season” the account and ensure deliverability
  • 5-step automated email sequence with behavioral responses
  • A/B testing to optimize subject lines and email content
  • 100% verified business email addresses (essential for deliverability)
  • Fully CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Dedicated Account Manager to run your campaign
  • Warm leads delivered directly to your inbox including the complete conversation history (this is our “hand off” for you to pursue and engage the prospect)
  • Training on how your team should handle new leads and convert them into discovery calls
  • We share the lead list after we’ve engaged it, so you can upload it to your CRM and use for other sales and marketing activities (e.g. retargeting)


Qualification Criteria

To qualify for our cold email lead generation service, you must meet ALL FOUR of these criteria.  In our experience, these are essential elements of success.

CRITERIA #1:  Your offering is business-to-business (B2B) not business-to-consumer (B2C)

CRITERIA #2:  You target companies between 20 and 500 employees located in the United States

CRITERIA #3:  Your average customer value is between $10,000 and $1 million in the first year after a sale

CRITERIA #4:  There are at least 5,000 viable companies in your target niche



If you meet the four criteria above and are interested in discussing how our Pay Per Lead cold email lead generation service can work for you, please click the button below and submit an application.  We will review your information and research your target market.  If we believe we can generate solid results for your business, we will contact you to schedule a discovery call.