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FunnelProfit Email Lead Generation ServiceWe Drive Sales Leads With Outbound Email

Email remains one of the most effective marketing and sales tools available.

98% of business decision-makers use email every day, making professional high-quality email campaigns a critical part of any B2B sales strategy.

Outbound (aka cold) email has evolved over the years.  Accurate targeting and personalization of email content have become more important.  Email service providers and corporate infrastructure teams have increased their efforts to isolate spam.

To ensure your emails get delivered and read, it is essential to craft high-quality email content and ramp volume carefully.

Our comprehensive “done for you” Email Lead Generation Service:

  • Helps fills your sales funnel with qualified leads and discovery calls
  • Increases your “sphere of influence” by substantially expanding your sales outreach footprint
  • Warms up prospects with high-engagement, personalized messaging
  • Requires minimal time and effort from you

Our Multi-Channel Approach

We employ outbound email independently or as part of a comprehensive multi-channel lead generation strategy for our clients.  The email lead generation service can be combined with outsourced Sales Development and LinkedIn lead generation campaigns to reach your ideal prospects.

Our Email Lead generation Service includes:

  • B2B email campaign targeting, research and list enrichment
  • Well-crafted and personalized emails
  • A multi-touch email campaign with built-in automation, A/B testing and behavioral rules
  • Warm leads delivered directly to you with conversation history
  • A dedicated URL for email campaigns (hosted for you)
  • A sophisticated email automation system designed specifically for outbound cold email, with detailed response tracking and analytics (hosted for you)
  • A dedicated Account Manager who learns your business and runs a structured email outreach process for you.

We take a “white glove” approach to B2B lead generation.  It is not enough to simply send emails to a large number of prospects and “play the numbers”.  A scientific approach focused on value and credible engagement is needed so your emails don’t go in the trash, get marked as spam, or harm your brand.

Our outbound email strategy is low volume / high conversion rate.  This gives us time to invest in accurate targeting, research and personalization. The extra effort boosts response rates (+100% or more over non-personalized efforts), and starts your sales conversations off on the right foot.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our Email Lead Generation Service is only offered in the USA and is fully CAN-SPAM compliant.  It works best for B2B companies with a customer value of USD $25k or higher.  It is not suited to low value or B2C offerings.  

Step 1:  Prospect Targeting

You tell us the“ideal prospect” targeting criteria for your outbound email campaign.  This can include industry niches, geography, technologies, market events or other criteria to build a list of target accounts.  You specify the job titles and seniority levels to engage — typically senior decision-makers responsible for business strategy and bottom line results.  You can also specify a “Do Not Call” list of companies or individuals to avoid contacting current sales prospects or customers.

Step 2:  Email List Building & Personalization

We use multiple verified sources, buying intent data and “in market” indicators to build an email list meeting your criteria.  Our primary goal is to “80/20” the universe of prospects down to a smaller number of higher-probability targets.  We zero in on companies exhibiting buying behavior or trigger events that indicate heightened interest.  This reduces wasted time and money, and increases lead quality significantly.

We also research additional personalization information on each prospect to insert into the email sequence.  Personalization helps increase engagement and conversion rates.

Step 3: Email Campaign Copy

Using the value drivers and buying insights you share with us, and those we uncover in our research, we create a multi-email campaign sequence.  Each email has a compelling subject line, delivers knowledge value and “what’s in it for me” triggers, and personalization variables.   We can share the email campaign copy and A/B test variations with you for your feedback, if desired.

Step 4:  Email System Setup

You DO NOT have to implement anything — we do it all.  You get a dedicated URL similar to your business URL, and a sophisticated email system with behavioral triggers, response tracking, A/B testing, reporting and analytics.

Step 5:  Outbound Email Campaign Execution

We launch and run the email campaign, send positive responses to your inbox and schedule discovery calls in your calendar.

The goal of your email campaign is to generate new discovery call opportunities. Once we get a positive response by email to a discovery call request, we schedule it on your calendar and send you details to prepare for the call. This eliminates a tremendous amount of time chasing leads and scheduling calls.

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How Much is This Worth To My Business?

Use the calculator below to discover the dollar value of EACH new customer it brings in.

When you do the math it’s easy to understand the true value of attracting and converting more prospects into customers using outbound email.

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