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Do you struggle to find the right words? Do you avoid creating new content for your business because it is too time-consuming? Would you like your best performers to focus on growing your business rather than trying (often poorly) to write thought leadership pieces?

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

You know how important good marketing copy is, but the need for continuous high quality content production can hinder your ability to grow and manage your business.  This is especially true as your business and marketing channels expand. Yet many businesses continue to create “do it yourself” marketing content without considering the costs in terms of inefficiency and loss of sales.

B2B Copywriting is a Specialized Skill

Copywriting is a different skill set than the expertise needed to grow and manage your business.  Top quality marketing copy can have a huge effect on your marketing and sales success.  You can’t just put it on the back burner or settle for “good enough” copy.

The difference between bland “placeholder copy” and tightly written, persuasive copy is night and day in terms of reader engagement. It requires significant know-how to produce compelling, effective and actionable copy.  The words must speak to your prospects and customers in their own language and preferences.  Storytelling techniques and emotional triggers must be used to draw them in and engage their individual pains, needs and desires.  Proper pain-solution-benefit sequences must be used to create an ideal “buying mindset” for your target customer.  This is true whether you run a commercial business, industry organization or nonprofit.

Simply put, top quality copywriting builds your brand, engages your customers and increases your sales.  Poor copy does exactly the opposite.  If you want your product or service to be successful, you cannot rely on inferior marketing copy.  So how do you achieve this while focusing on growing and managing your business?

Outsourcing Copywriting Services Create Long Term Positive Business Impact

Whether you’re a business founder or a CMO managing a corporate marketing department, off-loading tedious copywriting, copyediting and market research generates significant long term value.

Consider these real-life case studies…

A Marketing Director saved her firm $18,500 per year and freed up 48 days of her time to create more high impact revenue campaigns.

A $100,000 per year Marketing Director was bogged down one full day per week struggling to produce compelling web copy, social media posts, press releases, new product sell sheets and the like. That one day per week equated to more than $1,500 of her salary every month — nearly $18,500 each year — allocated solely to writing and editing.

Fed up, the Marketing Director finally decided to outsource these tedious copywriting tasks and get them off her to-do list. The results were astounding:

  • She gained an additional 48 days per year to focus on revenue generation.
  • She was able to design and execute four new marketing campaigns that led to substantial increases in sales and revenues.
  • Her time spent bogged down in the writing/approval/editing process was dramatically reduced to one hour per week.
  • Her marketing content was now handled by expert writers 100% devoted to producing superlative copy.  This increased her firm’s brand value, customer survey scores and success in the eyes of both customers and senior management.

By outsourcing a specialized task to expert copywriters, this Marketing Director reduced her workload and released her time to create new innovative marketing campaigns.

An Entrepreneur built a prospect list of over 10,000 members, captured 753 new subscription clients and generated $57,455 in recurring sales in only seven months.

A nutritionist and personal trainer decided to expand his business beyond his local fee-based clientele by taking it global on the Internet.  He began marketing online subscriptions to his nutrition and training plan by personally writing blog posts and sharing them on Facebook, Twitter and a small email list.

After 2 months of effort he had had gained only 17 subscribers.  Yet he was spending nearly 20 hours per week on top of his existing 10-12 hours per day business generating online content to achieve this minimal gain.

His web analytics told the tale.  His blog and social media engagement, time on page, follower and sharing rates were way too low.  His email open rates quickly trailed off from 40% in the beginning to less than 8%.  Clearly there was something wrong.

Following a friend’s recommendation, he decided to experiment with outsourcing a portion of his content writing to an expert copywriter.  She rewrote his freebie lead magnet landing page, 4 blog posts, 12 email series, and created 30 new social media posts.

Within 3 weeks his subscription business experienced a dramatic 180-degree change:

  • Over 300 new prospects joined his email list using the exact same freebie PDF lead magnet.
  • His blog posts were shared more than 1,300 times.
  • 43 new clients signed up for his $57 monthly subscription plan, totaling $2,451 in recurring monthly revenue.

High quality copy was the "secret sauce" that transformed this online Entrepreneur's business growth.

A new real estate software consultancy grew rapidly from obscurity to page #1 of the Google search results for multiple targeted keywords in less than 1 year.

A new real estate software consultancy was growing rapidly through traditional direct sales efforts, but lacked a full-time marketing staff with the right skills to drive their online growth. The firm needed copywriting for their website, capabilities deck, sales sheets, product/service offerings, press releases and ongoing blog posts to share through their various web and social media channels.

The firm engaged FunnelProfit to research their target markets, high impact search keywords, keyword trends and competitors’ online marketing gaps.  We created highly targeted and engaging content around these keywords with compelling user stories and pain-solution-benefit sequences.  This content was distributed across their marketing and sales channels and integrated into their sales process.

Our copywriting and SEO campaign generated significant ROI:

  • Starting from obscurity in Google’s SERPS (average of #150), our client’s site steadily moved up the Google search results, landing on the first page of Google SERPS for 12 different high-value search terms.
  • We established a standard content posting and sharing process for the marketing and sales team.  A predictable publishing schedule was established.  Sales reps were given “content packs” and an easy-to-follow process for distribution to clients via email and social media with only a few clicks.
  • Sales reps were freed up to win business and service accounts, rather than wasting time generating poorly-written copy that did not match the firm’s brand, language, style or their target clients’ communication needs.
  • The firm achieved a 15% increase in sales productivity from a combination of pre-written high quality content and standard distribution processes.

These are just three of the countless examples of using expert copywriting successfully to build your brand and customer base, increase revenues, reduce content production costs and save valuable time. The key is hiring the right copywriting expert.

Take the Tedious Task of Producing Quality Marketing Content Off Your Plate and Get Back to Running Your Business.

We specialize in creating impeccable content that drives results. We develop copy written in your brand’s voice following your corporate style. We pride ourselves in quickly getting up-to-speed with your business and industry to eliminate rework and shorten the approval process.  We “write it right the first time” so you don’t have to waste time going back and forth.

Our team has extensive marketing experience across multiple audiences and categories. Our copywriting is guaranteed to match your brand, voice and style requirements whether it’s casual or formal, congenial or aggressive, authoritative or irreverent. We can handle nearly any writing project, regardless of complexity.

Our Expert Copywriting Capabilities Include:

  • Marketing collateral including brochures, one sheets, capabilities decks and case studies
  • SEO web copy and landing pages
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Press releases and talking points
  • Market research surveys, focus group and IDI discussion guides
  • Long-form research reports and white papers
  • Seamless integration with marketing campaigns and digital funnel automation

We learn your business and produce top quality content with no laborious back and forth.

We only create digital content that is “investment grade”. Our experts work with you to generate only the highest quality, unique content for your funnel that reflects your brand, knowledge and expertise.  Quality content is an investment in your intellectual property that drives more customers, greater brand recognition and faster business growth.

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