Appointment Setting Services

We Schedule Qualified Sales Discovery Calls for Your Business

Sales FunnelsThe process of engaging and qualifying new sales leads can be arduous, time-consuming and expensive.  It requires well-trained Sales Development Reps (SDRs) using the right technology, timing, scripts and combination of email, phone and voicemail.  It can often take 5 to 15 attempts to get through to a new prospect for the first time.

With our Appointment Setting Services we do the initial direct sales outreach and qualification for you by phone, email and voicemail. Our team of skilled Sales Development Reps reach out personally to qualify your leads for interest, authority, timing and budget.  We then schedule discovery calls for you only with prospects that meet your qualification criteria.  We also run event invitation and content-sharing campaigns that “lead with value” and can be leveraged into a multi-step engagement approach that converts very well.

Appointment Setting Services – What You Get

  • A dedicated Sales Development Rep (SDR) who learns your business, value proposition and messaging, then engages prospects on your behalf and schedules qualified discovery calls
  • A custom target list that meets your criteria
  • A dedicated email account, calendar and autodialer system used for appointment setting / call scheduling that matches your branding (we can also use your email, calendar and phone systems).
  • Assistance creating and repurposing high-value content or event invitations to share with new prospects
  • Our 100% Call Count Guarantee (see below)

How It Works

You tell us the targeting criteria for your “ideal target prospect”.  This can be a decision-maker, influencer, budget owner, etc. but is typically a senior decision-maker responsible for business strategy and bottom line results.  You can specify granular criteria by geography, industry, job title, etc.  You can also specify a “Do Not Call” list of companies or individuals to avoid contacting current sales prospects or customers.

We use multiple verified sources to build a list of target prospects meeting your criteria.  We share the initial list with you to make sure our targeting is correct. (If you are using our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service or Email Lead Generation Service, we may start with that list and augment it if necessary to meet our call count commitment).

We invest significant time and effort learning your market, product/service and value proposition.  Your dedicated SDR learns how to articulate your offering effectively, as well as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that often come up in initial conversations.  This process is two-way and takes some effort on your part to quickly convey the knowledge needed to represent you properly.

We help you create (or repurpose) valuable knowledge to share with new prospects.  This can be a strategy paper, white paper, industry survey, article, video, book, webinar invitation, event invitation, or even a physical product sample.  Our preferred strategy is two-tier.  We first initiate by offering your valuable content to prospects.   Then we follow up with those who already received your content or event invitation and schedule qualified discovery calls.  This yields better results over time for our B2B clients than pure cold calling, and creates brand recognition and credibility for your business.

We work with you to create the scripts, emails, voicemails and system setup to run your content sharing / appointment setting / call scheduling campaign.  We may set up a dedicated URL, email, calendar and autodialer system specifically for your campaign.  Alternately, we can use your email, calendar and phone systems.  We strive to accurately and clearly communicate your chosen messages at all times.

We then launch your campaign, reaching out to prospects consistently each day by phone, email and voicemail.  Once your assigned Sales Development Rep (SDR) is in contact with a prospect, she or she describes the purpose of the call.  If the offer is to share content or an event invitation, your SDR will get the prospect’s best email and send it with a well-written note. If you goal is immediate discovery calls (a “cold” approach), your SDR will engage and qualify the prospect with a few key questions, answer basic FAQs about your offerings, and initiate scheduling a discovery call if your criteria is met.

When a prospect is qualified and interested in speaking, we schedule a discovery call directly in your calendar at a mutually convenient time. We email you a short brief about the prospect prior to the call. You call the prospect at the agreed time and progress the sales opportunity after that.  If the prospect does not show up (it happens) then we attempt to reschedule or replace the appointment.

Decision makers can be difficult to reach in this age of “communication overwhelm”. Response rates can also vary significantly by industry, offering and prospect criteria.  These are challenges faced by all sales organizations.  We use the right combination of sales skill, messaging, technology and targeting to ensure we deliver the number of discovery calls we commit to.  If we can’t do it, then we refund your money, period.

BE CAREFUL!  Many appointment setting services use offshore sales reps that have difficult accents and limited business knowledge.  This can create a poor impression of you and your company that is hidden from you because you don’t witness it firsthand.  Our appointment setters are 100% native English speakers based in the United States and Canada. We learn your business and value proposition, and represent you with the utmost care.  This saves you tremendous time and effort chasing prospects (sometimes 5-15 attempts!) to get a discovery call.  If you’re comparing service providers, consider that this one step will save you hundreds of hours of wasted effort and guarantee you’re having real conversations with the right prospects. 

How Much is This Worth To My Business?

Use the calculator below to discover the dollar value of EACH new customer it brings in.

When you do the math it’s easy to understand the true value of attracting and converting more prospects into customers by outsourcing appointment setting.

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