Does your consulting firm face challenges acquiring new high-value clients?

You’re Not Alone

Consulting firm growth often plateaus when Partners reach the limits of their personal networks.  New client referrals become too sporadic to drive consistent growth and take the firm to the next level.

When traditional networking approaches reach their limits your firm’s growth can hit a wall.  Consulting leaders find themselves in a “feast or famine” cycle of working ever-harder to drum up new clients, manage the business, and serve existing clients all at once.

The Path to Consistent Client Growth Isn’t Obvious

Building trust, sharing deep expertise, and demonstrating strategic capabilities are essential elements to “close the deal” with new consulting clients.

Because this knowledge-based approach is so essential to closing new clients, hiring traditional salespeople is usually ineffective. The lack of subject matter expertise hinders sales executives from engaging senior prospects deeply enough. Hiring salespeople can also be expensive (i.e. risky).

On the other hand, when consulting leaders switch their focus to new client prospecting it can interfere with existing projects and reduce billable time. Most consulting leaders are ineffective “greenfield” prospectors, making this approach a poor trade-off.  

The future of your firm’s growth depends on efficiently generating a steady flow of new client relationships.  

What you need is a systematic client acquisition process that targets new clients, engages them effectively and delivers high-value discovery conversations directly to your firm’s practice leaders. 


You need an experienced growth partner to drive new client prospecting and deliver high-value meetings with potential clients.

This is what it looks like when done properly:

  • You get ONLY hyper-targeted ideal client prospects (according to your unique selection criteria) that have already been “warmed up”.
  • New prospect relationships are established based on your market authority and credibility, meaning…
  • You speak with potential clients who are best positioned to benefit from your services – and most receptive to your offerings – so your sales cycle is compressed by 50% or more.
  • These hyper-targeted potential clients are impossible to reach by traditional means – fire-walled behind a gatekeeper, they won’t answer cold calls, you can’t meet them in person at the right time, and it takes forever to get an introduction (if it’s even possible).
  • Your consulting leaders can focus on managing clients and generating billable revenue, while your growth partner systematically delivers conversations with potential clients.
  • Your network of potential clients will grow by 3-10X, filling your client pipeline and increasing your inbound inquiries.

We are experts at designing and delivering authority-based outbound campaigns that attract new consulting clients.

We work with you to define your ideal client prospect – the companies and people whom you are best suited to serve.

Then we establish and nurture relationships with targets who fit your ideal client profile. So when you do get to a sales conversation, much of the legwork has already been done.

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