Implementing an outbound email lead generation program is one of the best ways to connect with your potential customers and build a pipeline of leads.  The next question you should ask is: “Can we do this on our own or do we need the help of an experienced email lead generation agency?”

The answer is the latter. Here’s why… 

17 Reasons Why You Need an Email Lead Generation Agency

#1 Spend your time selling, not becoming an outbound email expert.

This is just sales 101 — spend your time focused on converting and closing deals and let your email led generation agency do the heavy lifting up-front to drive leads to you or your sales team.

#2 Get started faster — see results sooner.

Bringing in those experts will also mean you’ll get your outbound efforts running ASAP.  Your sales team will start seeing the benefits of outbound email lead generation within days or weeks, rather than months.

#3 Create a consistent pipeline.

By working with an email lead generation agency, your inflow of new qualified leads will be steady and consistent, unaffected by seasonal influences or your own competing priorities.

#4 Create a scalable pipeline.

Business priorities and resources change.  With an email lead gen team at the wheel, you’ll have the ability to scale your pipeline up or down in response to lead flow.

#5 Enjoy higher response and conversation rates.

Outbound experts already know all the tips, tricks and best practices for maximizing response, from which day of week and time of day perform best, to ideal subject lines and content. Let them do their thing.

#6 Reduction in time spent building targeted lists.

Perfectly targeted, segmented lists are the backbone of your entire outbound email lead generation effort. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most tedious and time-consuming. A qualified email lead generation agency will slay your list dragons in no time flat, ensuring that they perform at their highest possible level.

#7 Deliverability improves.

Not only are prospect lists meticulously curated when using an outside email lead generation agency, but the deliverability of your lists will improve dramatically. Bounces and hitting the spam box dwindle while conversions and sales skyrocket.

#8 Email infrastructure matters.

With a resourceful lead gen team, you’ll receive expert advice with a robust email infrastructure that’s dedicated to and optimized for outbound email, without harming the integrity or reputation of your existing company email domain.

#9 Expand your horizons.

Email lead generation agencies have extensive experience across multiple sectors, industries and target markets, meaning they can deliver customers from niches you may never have considered. Use their expertise to expand your horizons and revenue streams.

#10 They’ll be testing (and optimizing) everything.

Yep, we’ve mentioned A/B testing more than a few times — that’s how important it is. But proper split-testing is a science, and one best left to the experts. That’s where a good email lead generation agency can create magic.

#11 Receive transparent self-service reporting.

Any email lead gen firm with its salt will be completely transparent in reporting results, and better yet, will provide you a self-service dashboard where you can view those real-time numbers yourself. With that info in hand, you’ll always know how well your messaging, and their service, is performing.

#12 Leverage reporting data.

Having that A/B testing data and real-time reporting is only a part of the puzzle. Your email agency should also be putting all that great data to work by constantly monitoring, tweaking and optimizing efforts to ensure every facet of your outreach is working to achieve the best possible results.

#13 Incorporate valuable add-ons like a call scheduling service, if needed.

By incorporating a call scheduling service, you take even more time-consuming work out of the process and deliver qualified sales calls without chasing down prospects yourself. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel!

#14 Tap into additional sales and marketing advice.

Many email lead generation agencies can also offer extensive sales and marketing consulting to build a robust and well-oiled end-to-end sales funnel for your organization incorporating a number of efficient tactics, including Linkedin lead gen, webinars, content marketing, direct mail and more. Let them advise you on how to cast the widest and most profitable net.

#15 Define roles and set expectations.

In order to work efficiently with your existing team members and marketing outreach, your email lead gen experts should provide a solid scope of work that clearly specifies who does what and when, meaning no doubling of efforts and no stones left unturned.

#16 Performance guarantee.

Furthermore, with their vast experience and thorough approach, a qualified email lead generation agency should feel comfortable providing you with a performance guarantee. Make sure you ask for one as part of your contract.

#17 Higher revenue.

The bottom line benefit to hiring a email lead generation agency? Higher revenue. You get leads that are better qualified, and more consistent sales discovery calls, meaning higher ROI and higher sales revenue. And isn’t that the point?

Get Started With an Experienced Lead Generation Agency

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